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    Woman’s Dress Gets Ripped Off During Hilarious ‘Dirty Dancing’ Fail Video

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    A woman ended up without her dress after attempting to re-enact the iconic lifting scene from Dirty Dancing.

    The infamous dance move is one of the most iconic in cinema history, so it’s no wonder people keep trying to recreate it.

    You know it as the part where Johnny (Patrick Swayze) lifts Baby (Jennifer Grey) up in the air to the tune of (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life. It’s possible that you’ve tried to do the move yourself, though probably not successfully as very few can boast the impressive strength Swayze had in Dirty Dancing.

    Unfortunately for one woman and her dancing partner, their attempt left the woman not only on the floor but also in her underwear after her dress was accidentally ripped off during the move.

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    A video of the unsuccessful attempt shows that after a decent enough beginning, with her partner holding her up in the air, problems start to appear when she attempts to lift up her legs and adopt the iconic pose.

    Disaster strikes once she starts tipping forwards and is suddenly being held upside-down, eventually ending up flat on her back on the ground after her partner loses his grip on her, the only thing he manages to keep hold of is her dress as he accidentally rips it off her.

    Luckily, she doesn’t seem to be hurt and is able to see the funny side of her failed attempt.

    Dirty DancingLionsgate

    There have been countless attempts to recreate the iconic Dirty Dancing scene, most of which end in failure as it turns out that stopping the forward momentum of somebody jumping at you and lifting them into the air without the impressive strength Swayze had is actually very difficult.

    For those interested in actually pulling off the move, choreographer Sydnie Mosley told ABC News the trick is for the lifter to catch the liftee on ‘that flat bony part of her hips’ and hold them directly up without letting them go too far forwards.

    She said, ‘It’s about finding that point of balance in the air. If she goes too far over his head, then she’s going to fall forward, behind his back.

    ‘And she does have some responsibility because she has to hold her body up. She’s not just there like a limp towel. She’s extending from her fingers to her toes, but he’s the one that’s getting her into the air.’

    Still, if you’re not confident it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals, or at least try it in a place with a soft landing

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