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    Woman was shocked to find an unusual pink egg in her frying pan

    A woman was shocked to find an unusual egg in her frying pan when she was cooking.

    Beena Sarangdhar, from Hertfordshire, made the horrifying discovery earlier this week when she wanted some eggs.

    She discovered the pink egg sitting in the pan and her kids rushed to the kitchen to see what the screaming was all about.

    The mum says she bought the eggs from her local supermarket and while they were in date, she didn’t know whether to eat them.

    After posting a picture of the eggs on a local Facebook group, she was instantly warned to not touch them, HertsLive reports.

    She said: “I fancied some egg and cracked open the egg in the frying pan as normal.

    “Then as it fell into the pan I screamed as I have never seen a pink egg before.”

    Beena Sarangdhar's pink eggShe shared the discovery on Facebook (Image: Beena Sarangdhar/Herts Live)

    She added: “The kids came running to see what had happened and their reaction was typical, [they went] ‘errrr’.”

    Beena then found that the other eggs were completely fine, but it was something she hadn’t seen before.

    The parent continued: “I then cracked the other two eggs from the same box but they were normal.

    “It was really weird because they were in date and just the last few left. Bought them from the local Asda in Watford.

    “It did put me off for a second but after that everyone fancied some egg on toast!”

    So what should you do if you ever crack open a pink egg in your pack?

    According to the US Department of Agriculture, a cloudy egg white is a sign the egg is very fresh.

    A clear egg white is an indication the egg is ageing.

    However, pink or pearly egg whites indicate spoilage due to Pseudomonas bacteria.

    In short, if you ever spot a pink egg in your pan, just chuck it away instantly.

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