Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Woman Wakes Up From A Coma And Immediately Pranks Her Dad


    We’ve all got stories about epic family pranks, but one woman has taken things to a new level, sharing the story of how she managed to turn waking from a coma into an opportunity to get one over on her dad.

    In a viral TikTok post, Elise Lamsdale recalled how the oddly timed prank was the culmination of a years-long competition between herself and her father, in which they attempted to get the other’s attention for no reason.

    The competition escalated to the point that both Elise and her father had stopped responding when they called each other’s names, but then things took a very unexpected turn. Elise spent 24 hours in a medically-induced coma and, for reasons she can’t explain, when she woke up she only had one thing on her mind.

    You can watch it here:

    @eliselamsdaleEvery time I think I’m not competitive I remember this story #storytime #hospitalstories #fyp

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    ‘I’ve got a ventilator down my throat, so I can’t speak, so they give me this piece of paper to communicate with,’ she recalls. ‘And what do I write on this paper given that I’ve nearly just died? I write Dad.’

    Now, as you can imagine, the long-running prank feud is the last think on her father’s mind at that moment in time, and he responds by asking ‘what?’ giving Elise the golden opportunity to win the game, much to the confusion of the gathered doctors and nurses, but to the relief of her father, who she says turned to the medical staff and told them ‘yeah she’s absolutely fine’.

    The story has been viewed more than million views on TikTok, and it’s fair to say viewers are giving Elise and her dad props for their competitive spirit.

    As it turns out, plenty of other viewers had similar prank competitions going on with their parents, although most of them probably haven’t involved requiring a medical emergency to get the W.


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