Monday, January 24, 2022

    Woman marries cow after it kisses her and believes it is her reincarnated husband

    A woman married a cow after it kissed her and is convinced that the animal is actually her dead husband reincarnated.

    A bizarre video shows Khim Hang, 74, living in ‘marital bliss’ with her bovine bride at her home in the northeast Kratie province of Cambodia.

    Khim is convinced that this cow has the “same character” as her dead spouse.

    While the video did not feature the wedding, several villagers claimed to have attended it, the Sun reports.

    The cow currently lives in Hang’s one-storey house where she gives it a proper bath and lets it sleep on the same pillows as her departed husband, Tol Khut, who died the previous year used to sleep with.

    The cow lives in Khim's one story houseThe cow lives in Khim Hang’s one-storey home in Cambodia (Image: Reuters)

    Khim reckons that her husband’s spirit resided in this calf when it started to lick her hair and neck and then kissed her like her late husband used to.

    The widow was convinced that it was her husband reborn.

    She told Reuters: “I believe that the calf is my husband because whatever he does… is in exactly the same way as my husband did when he was alive.”

    Hang even lets the cow sleep on her late husband's pillows
    The widow even lets the cow sleep on her late husband’s pillows (Image: Reuters)

    “I believe that the calf is my husband because whatever he does … is in exactly the same way as my husband did when he was alive.”

    Khim’s son said that he believes his mother and can “sense his father’s spirit within the animal”. This is why he vigilantly makes sure that the bovine does not wander off by accident.

    The woman has ordered her children to look after the cow after her death and insisted that they should treat it as they would her own father.

    Khim’s kids are forbidden from selling the cow or maltreating the cow and have been ordered to have the same funeral rites as a human.

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