Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Woman books the entire business class cabin in order to travel comfortably with her dog

    How can you afford to book the full business class cabin, let alone just you and your dog?

    Traveling by airline is already expensive for most of us, especially in these trying times. We don’t even have the financial means to travel in business class. This little doggo, on the other hand, is having the time of its life because its owner insists on spoiling her pup by booking the full business class cabin for their trip!

    On September 15, a woman from Mumbai wanted to travel to Chennai with her assistant and her dog. As a result, she purchased tickets for all 12 business class seats on that particular aircraft. Yes, you read that correctly! 12 seats in business class for two women and a pet dogs.

    “Bela” is the name of the spoiled white Maltese dog of the hour. According to ANI, one business class seat on that flight costs around 20,000 rupees (RM1,136), therefore the woman paid 250,000 rupees (RM14,205) for the two-hour flight with Air India.

    Air India allows a limit of two pets per flight, with passengers accompanying such pets seated in the last row of the booked cabin class.

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