Saturday, November 27, 2021

    We have a few questions about Amazon’s flying indoor security camera drone

    Should we invite Amazon’s internet-connected cameras and voice assistants into our homes? That’s been a contentious topic for years — but today, Amazon effectively said “screw it” and announced an entire automated flying indoor robot security system.

    Yes, that’s right: Amazon’s Ring division now has a camera that can theoretically go anywhere in your home, not just the direction you initially point it. Or, in Amazon’s words: An Innovative New Approach to Always Being Home.

    Needless to say, the staff of The Verge has a few questions about that.

    In no particular order and without naming names:

    • Can it go up and down stairs?
    • Why does it look like an air humidifier?
    • What’s battery life like?
    • Does the drone play slap bass?
    • How does it map…

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    We have a few questions about Amazon’s flying indoor security camera drone
    Verge Staff

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