Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Viewers are left astonished as activist appears naked on television


    This Morning viewers have been left absolutely astonished after a guest appearance by a naked protester.

    Extinction Rebellion protester Laura Amherst, from Brighton, has a fairly unusual method of drawing attention to her cause, raising money for the environmental campaign group by stripping off on OnlyFans.

    The 31-year-old politics student and mother-of-one – who refers to herself as ‘Climate T**s’ in her Twitter bio – has reportedly raised £1,200 since starting her OnlyFans page mere weeks ago, as per the Mirror, and expects to make £18,000 this month alone. A full 75% of funds raised will be donated to Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, as well as an animal rescue organisation.

    You can erm, see more from Laura below:


    Speaking with Phillip and Holly on the This Morning sofa – which many concerned viewers hoped was covered with plastic sheeting first – Laura explained that ‘in an ideal world’, people would listen to her thoughts on climate change regardless of whether her top was on or off.

    However, given the world we do live in, she felt she had no choice but to protest while topless, an assessment Phillip described as ‘depressing’.

    Laura previously made headlines this summer after dancing topless while attending the Impossible protests, sparking debate over whether she was helping draw attention to the cause, or simply creating a distraction.

    During her appearance on This Morning, Laura used protest signs to protect her modesty, and appeared perfectly comfortable when answering questions about her unusual form of protest.

    Opening up about how she first became so motivated to tackle climate change, Laura explained that the turning point for her had been reading the IPCC report, a document which made for sobering reading:

    As a mother, I worry about the sort of future our children are going to have.

    While understanding her stance on this issue, Holly then quizzed her about why exactly she had to made a stand while topless, to which Laura replied:

    There’s no specific reason for it. A couple of days before the first protest, I was meant to attend an event in Brighton called Free The Nipple, and it’s basically a group of women and they go around in Brighton, and they go topless.

    And they don’t have anything on their nipples, and it’s for body positivity. It’s to de-demonise, de-sexualise and destigmatise the human breast. I thought it was really cool, and I thought, ‘why not do that to feel liberated? And it was an extremely liberating experience’.

    Viewers at home were left shocked by Laura’s topless appearance on the show, and by her methods of protest, with one person tweeting:

    This naked protest woman is doing more harm than good to the climate campaign. Campaigns should focus on the serious issues rather than some woman taking her clothes off, which has no connection to climate change issues. #ThisMorning

    Another said:

    But all she’s doing doing is drawing attention to herself and NOT her campaign !#thismorning


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