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    UK’s Most-Prolific Rapist Severely Beaten Up After Victim Woke Up

    Greater Manchester Police

    The most prolific rapist in UK criminal history was left hospitalised after one of his victims woke up in the middle of an attack and fought back.

    A never-before-seen mugshot of Reynhard Sinaga, who was convicted of 159 sexual offences and is believed to have raped more than 200 men in Manchester over the course of a decade, shows him bruised and bloody after his final victim hit him as he attempted to escape.

    The image was released by Greater Manchester Police in advance of the upcoming BBC documentary Catching A Predator, which looks into Sinaga’s horrific crimes and the subsequent investigation into the 38-year-old.

    Reynhard Sinaga (Greater Manchester Police)Greater Manchester Police


    Sinaga was caught in 2017 when one of his victims woke up after having been drugged and attacked him in order to get away, leaving him in a pool of his own blood on his bathroom floor.

    According to the Manchester Evening News, in a 999 call made to police, the victim told the dispatcher ‘I’ve got blood on me because I tried to hit him to get [him] away from me. He’s trapped me in his house for most of the night. I’ve had to, I know it’s violent, but I’ve had to hit him a few times just to stop him from attacking me.’

    Police initially arrested the teenage victim over the assault, but soon discovered a video on Sinaga’s phone showing him attacking the victim, leading to his arrest on suspicion of rape.

    Subsequent investigations uncovered hundreds of videos and images of Sinaga attacking male victims he had lured back to his apartment and drugged while ‘prowling’ Manchester’s nightlife scene. He had also kept phones, wallets and ID documents belonging to his victims, leading officers to describe him as a ‘trophy rapist.’

    Reynhard Sinaga was beaten up by one of his victims (Greater Manchester Police)Greater Manchester Police


    Speaking in the BBC documentary, one of his victims – who is the first to have waived his right to anonymity – recalled that he ‘couldn’t remember anything’ when he woke up in his attacker’s flat, only discovering he had been raped when he was shown images of himself ‘comatose’ in the middle of an attack by police.

    Sinaga was sentenced to life in prison in January 2020 and is currently serving a minimum of 40 years in prison.

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