Turns Out, You’ve Been Using A Chopping Board Wrong Your Entire Life


    When the creators of the chopping board came up with the idea to put a hole at the end of the board, they probably thought it would be pretty self-explanatory.

    Little did they know their decision would still be causing controversy all these years later, after one TikTok account claimed that people have been using the cut-out for the wrong thing this entire time.

    According to @foodies, the thing that most people have spent their entire lives using as a handle for the chopping board, isn’t actually a handle at all.

    Check out the video below:

    @foodiesDid you know this?! 🤯 ##lifehack ##food ##foodie ##fyp ##foodlover ##tiktokfoodie ##mindblown ##facts ##everydayheroes (cred: @ahiona.rod )♬ original sound – ALAMAR by Ahiona

    In a new video originally shared by @ahiona.rod, they’ve revealed what they say is the true purpose of the cut-out: using it as a hole to push chopped up food through.

    The news has blown people’s minds. ‘I’m 17 and for 17 years I thought it was a handle,’ someone wrote, with another user replying, ‘I’m 20 and this is news to me.’

    It makes sense when you think about it – there’s definitely less risk of throwing your freshly sliced onions and peppers straight onto the floor – but not everybody is convinced.

    is ethical veganism really a philosophical belief?Pexels

    ‘Who’s gonna tell her it’s just a handle,’ one user commented, while another wrote, ‘That’s not what it’s for but okay you live your extra life.’

    Someone else commented to add that the claim doesn’t actually hold up in real life, writing, ‘I tried that and most of the chopped veg just goes straight over the hole and onto the floor.’


    Featured Image Credit: PA Images


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