TikToker Shares Terrifying Moment He Shoos Massive Crocodile Away From Him


    An Australian TikToker casually shooed a massive crocodile off a road. For us, terrifying. For him, just another day down under. 

    Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright is no stranger to the country’s dangerous roster of animals, whether it’s crocs or wild buffalo. It’s all in the aid of preserving wildlife, pledging to remove and relocate problem animals instead of killing them.

    One of his latest TikToks supports that mission statement, showing Wright face-to-face with a massive croc blocking an outback road. Some would walk away – I would definitely sprint – but he did what he does best: moved it away.

    @mattwrightauCroc block♬ original sound – Matt Wright

    The video was filmed at Sweets Lagoon in the Northern Territory, with Wright trying to encourage the croc to shift into the water. At first, he complains, ‘He’s not moving.’

    Soon, he has another go, shooing it into the nearby lagoon, shouting, ‘Get out, go on, come on!’ As the 16ft reptile eventually complies, he warmly says, ‘Good boy.’

    The crocodile, named Otis, is the resident male creature at Sweet Lagoon, said to have been ‘sunning itself during the wet season’.

    @mattwrightauBit snappy today,♬ original sound – Matt Wright

    Wright, who has 25 years experience dealing with fearsome wildlife both large and small, told the MailOnline, ‘I know these creatures so well and have the experience and training to work with dangerous reptiles. I work with these crocodiles on a daily basis but even Otis at 16ft long scares me.’

    He added, ‘Be crocwise. When visiting the [Northern Territory], look at all signs carefully. Don’t put yourself in situations where crocs may be.’


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