This Wood Sculptor Transforms A Storm-Damaged Tree In Wales Into a Piece of Art

    Heavy rains and high winds are two of the major ways that severe storms can damage a forest. But many wood sculptors are turning fallen trees and dead tree stumps into works of art as a way to breathe new life into trees felled by wind and flood. So, when the tallest tree in Wales was damaged by storm, North Wales-based sculptor Simon O’Rourke decided to transform the remaining stump into a tree hand sculpture.

    Many people decide to commission a sculptor to preserve a tree that has to be cut down. And that’s what the Natural Resources Wales did when the tallest tree in Wales was storm-damaged. Interested to do the work, O’Rourke submitted his design to the government agency. His design proposed a magnificent tree hand sculpture that appears to reach for the sky. Of course, there’s a reason why O’Rourke came up with this specific design.

    When he learned from a friend that the Natural Resources Wales was searching for a sculptor to work on the damaged tree, O’Rourke began to research about it to give him an idea for the design. He found out that the tree belongs to a woodland area known as the ‘Giants of Vyrnwy’. This is when the idea of carving a giant hand out of the dead stump came to his mind.

    Simon O’Rourke

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