This Online Community Is Dedicated To Creepy Design

    When the product designer is out on vacation, or when an owner thinks they don’t even need one, they end up having seriously crappy designs. The kind that are either utterly useless, fool the customer, or underdeliver and litter this precious planet with all the more rubbish nobody needs.

    On the other side of the same coin, right next to crappy design stands its flawed cousin with a nightmare twist—creepy design. Delivering sweats and forcingly captivating people’s looks, such design has little to be proud of except for its torturous aspect.

    #1 You Know, I Think I Don‘T Need To Shower Today

    Image credits: Piano1987

    #2 A Night Light That Keeps You Awake

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #3 Tubers Of Terror

    Image credits: zeethreepeeo

    #4 This Rose-Themed Bedspread

    Image credits: supermariofunshine

    #5 Creepy Beethoven

    Image credits: phanteli

    #6 Hair Nails

    Image credits: creepydesign

    #7 I’m Very Sorry But I Saw This Then Have To Post It To Kill People’s Dream’s


    #8 I Am Mortified

    Image credits: RaptorDoggo

    #9 But Why Did They Give It Teeth?!

    Image credits: tone_deaf_bard_

    #10 These Kids Chairs At A Belgian Mcdonalds

    Image credits: metamorphosis_

    #11 That Guy

    Image credits: brankaivanovic321

    #12 Quickly, Turn Around, My Ejaculation Face Is Terrifying

    Image credits: scottriddochmusic

    #13 Could Have Hated Baby Yoda Even More

    Image credits: Erogers47

    #14 Feed Big Bertha

    Image credits: bassnbluegillYT

    #15 This Finding Dory Night Light Is Perfect For Kids!

    Image credits: MattNavarra

    #16 An Ice Cream Parlor Mascot In Southern France

    Image credits: OnlyUnoMan

    #17 Mother…. Mother…. I Crave Violence Mother!

    Image credits: Exotic-Bandicoot-888

    #18 Dora With Back Removed

    Image credits: SeamoSto

    #19 Santa Always Knows What You’re Doing!

    Image credits: Geigudr

    #20 Well…. This Is Something…..

    Image credits: Mr_Jayden_Clark

    #21 Another Boris Johnson-Looking Mf

    Image credits: thefishgodThallas

    #22 I Walk Past This Every Day And Have Never Seen A Child On It

    Image credits: swissy-dunc

    #23 Historical Creepy Design | Mickey Mouse Gas Mask From Wwii

    Image credits: ltsMuuri

    #24 My Favorite Bioengineered Pet

    Image credits: brankaivanovic321

    #25 Green Giant Ad From 1953

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #26 In A Hotel And Was Going To The Bathroom, Took A Wrong. This Chair Was Sitting In A Corner

    Image credits: Prekkan

    #27 Another Reason For Kids To Be Terrified Of The Dentist

    “Demons at my local dentist”

    Image credits: zeurgthegreat

    #28 Cyborg Baby

    Image credits: brankaivanovic321

    #29 Reddy Kilowatt

    Image credits: jeffmartin48

    #30 The Lifeless Eyes Of The King Cake Baby Mascot…

    Image credits: ProfChaos89

    #31 This Would Not Be A Pleasant Ride

    Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

    #32 Who Can Even Think Of This?

    Image credits: Toucannugget

    #33 This Ad Is A Nightmare

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #34 Uh ….

    Image credits: Derp_1997

    #35 Smile!

    “Brush your teeth kids or I will kill you”

    Image credits: whiskeyballs

    #36 Fonding Diry

    Image credits: mjpoodi

    #37 This Vintage Chalk Packaging…

    Image credits: StBlaschek

    #38 Wow I’m Really Scared Of This!

    Image credits: Toucannugget

    #39 This Fish Is About To Eat Some Kids

    Image credits: goofasf

    #40 Got This Weird Ad In The Mail…not Gonna Go Their

    Image credits: Puuuuppyboi

    #41 Can We Please Bring This Back?!

    Image credits: pixie_shroom

    #42 This Is Just Scary

    Image credits: Kriz_FrozenFire-64

    #43 Mr. Noseybonk…. Just….. Mr. Noseybonk’s Existence Is Enough To Terrify Young British Kids

    Image credits: thefishgodThallas

    #44 Children’s Museum

    Image credits: Souper_Troll

    #45 Muscle Man

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #46 Ad Campaign To Raise Awareness About Online Sex Offenders

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #47 Caught This Guy Out Of The Corner Of My Eye

    Image credits: fanfan68

    #48 Uhhh Please Keep This Blanket 500 Ft Away From Me At All Times

    Image credits: MonsterNearby

    #49 Just Saw This Mannequin. Who Needs To Sleep Anyway…

    Image credits: dearzoez

    #50 Lightning Mcqueen Has Really Let Himself Go

    Image credits: LordBojangles_

    #51 Just Imagine Your Dog Chewing This Bad Boy

    Image credits: Teonanacatl_98

    #52 This Statue In Novovoronezh, Russia

    Image credits: warship_me

    #53 This Weird Bench In Seoul

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #54 Childhood Memories….

    Image credits: TheNore

    #55 Located At A Bar In Shinjuku, Japan. There Is A Bathroom With A Gaint Head Located Infront Of The Toilet. Activated By The Pressure From The Seat, The Face Sings A Strange Drunken Tune And Slowly Moves Towards You… Making The Room Smaller And Smaller, Until Its Lips ‘Kiss’ Your Knees

    Image credits: Itchy-Coconuts

    #56 Mmmh, Cannibalism

    Image credits: PieRat7

    #57 She Looks Like She’s Going To Eat My Soul

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #58 Thanks, But No Thanks!

    Image credits: Milesdavisiv

    #59 Fingerfeet

    Image credits: ItzzRetys

    #60 Like We All Remember Him…

    Image credits: PlutoCrashed

    #61 Lul

    Image credits: Maxgor

    #62 Hello Kitty Power Strip

    Image credits: pungen

    #63 These Dragons Haunted My Childhood. From Golfland In Sunnyvale, Ca

    Image credits: levinicus

    #64 He Watches

    Image credits: Ghostfrog46

    #65 This Kid Mannequin…

    Image credits: Forward-Homework2570

    #66 Cursed Snow

    Image credits: ulissesberg

    #67 Children’s Exam Table

    Image credits: FreeProfit

    #68 Uh That’s Gonna Be A No From Me!

    Image credits: This_Chaotic_Life

    #69 If Anything Could Put Me Off Doughnuts, This Is It

    Image credits: gotta-get-theroux-it

    #70 This Is My Son’s Wordbook

    Image credits: GeorgewCZ

    #71 Oh Mike What Did They Do To You? (From An Ad For A German Supermarket)

    Image credits: marshmellowon

    #72 Why… Why Did It Need To Have Fingers?

    Image credits: sunshinemicrobe

    #73 This Frog Statue In The Woods

    Image credits: NotPechente

    #74 Was Told This Charming Fellow Should Go Here

    Image credits: Sound_Fish

    #75 The Uncanny Valley Is Strong With This One

    Image credits: blowfishmo

    #76 Sky Has Seen Things

    Image credits: RealOzome

    #77 This Vintage Dental Training Manikin

    Image credits: jjacks1327

    #78 Mom Pick Me Up I’m Scared

    Image credits: Imgreatiknow

    #79 If You’re Going To Make A Sonic Doll, Please Make It Less Terrifying

    Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

    #80 Pig Watering Can With Human Lips

    Image credits: this_is_butts

    #81 Terrifying Sonic The Blue Cat

    Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

    #82 I’m All Cool With Weed & Stuff, But What’s With The Single, Realistic Eye?

    Image credits: MaerVale

    #83 M O N K E Y M A N

    Image credits: eclecticbanan

    #84 Text Under Spongy Reads “Try It Once And You’ll Never Forget It”

    Image credits: ItzzRetys

    #85 This Hotel Carpet Looks Like A Murder Scene

    Image credits: StaceyPfan

    #86 Refreshing To See

    Image credits: chidy_saintclair

    #87 Hello Daddy…

    Image credits: RLing

    #88 Suddenly Too Disturbed To Drink This Juice

    Image credits: rosie0123

    #89 This Illustration On A Book About Harriet Tubman

    Image credits: AkariKuzu

    #90 This Car Air Freshener That Looks Into My Soul

    Image credits: SonOfAMeme1

    #91 Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

    Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

    #92 The Depression Express

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #93 Went Shopping Today. Returned Home Terrified

    Image credits: kennicant

    #94 This Was On The Bathroom Door Of A Restaurant

    Image credits: TheDankMemeKing1337

    #95 Hey Kids, It’s Your Old Friend Naruto, Get In My Van, I Have Ramen In The Back

    Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

    #96 Campbell’s Soup Kid – 1950s

    Image credits: howardkinsd

    #97 Ginger Monster Likes The Way He Tastes

    Image credits: MCRobotbrains

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