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    Things You Should Never Ever Do In Japan

    Everybody knows about this beautiful, distant land where the sun rises. Culture, customs, and traditions that are as old as history make Japan a must-visit destination for any traveller. A traveller to the country is likely to encounter stark cultural differences and receive some strange looks along the way.

    Tina, a traveller and TikTok creator with over 1.3 million followers, has compiled a list of things you should never, ever do in Japan.

    TikTok videos by Tina warn that eating and drinking (yes, coffee counts!) is a no-no and that talking on your phone while riding public transportation is disrespectful to other people and the environment. Find out what else you shouldn’t do in Japan by reading on!


    Don’t try on clothes without a face cover. This prevents makeup from staining the material.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t pull open the taxi door. Japan’s living in 3020, remember? They open automatically.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t stand on the wrong side of the escalator. Keep left if you’re not in a hurry.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t eat or drink while walking. Drinking coffee counts too. You will get judgy stares.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t walk into fitting rooms with shoes on. Take them off before entering to keep everything clean.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    No talking on the phone on public transport. You will get judgy stares.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t blow your nose in public. It’s bad manners and just kinda gross. Sniffle it back in or go to the bathroom to let those boogers out.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t leave your backpack on inside public transport. No one wants a backpack in the face.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t put your bag on a free train seat. That should be a universal thing.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t place money directly into the cashier’s hands. Put it on a tray.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t poke or squeeze fresh produce at supermarkets. Trust me, they only put out the best ones, just grab and go.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t go barefoot or wear house slippers into the toilet. Use toilet slippers.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t get into PDA. Just save it for the hotel room, okay?

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t bargain the price. It’s not like the other Asian countries. In Japan most things are legit.

    Image credits: hangrybynature


    Don’t expect everyone to know English. Try to learn some Japanese.

    Image credits: hangrybynature

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