Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Things That Fit Perfectly Into Each Other In An Oddly Satisfying Way

    When two objects perfectly fit together, it is a tremendously pleasurable feeling. It satisfies the strange hunger that many of us have for order, symmetry, and neatness. We’re not the only ones that believe this!

    The ‘Perfect Fit’ subreddit is home to countless photos of things that (yup, you guessed it!) fit into each other in a very visually appealing and aesthetic way. It is a massive online group, housing nearly 1.2 million members (or ‘licensed Fitologists’ as they prefer to be called).

    #1 This Cheese Was Made For This Slice Of Bread

    Image credits: mbosman29


    #2 Wrapping Paper Alignment

    Image credits: SFinTX

    #3 My Dad Took This Photo Of The Sun

    Image credits: SMELLY__SOCKS

    #4 Found My Wedding Ring 3 Weeks Later…

    Image credits: sdracerr1

    #5 This Oval Picture Frame

    Image credits: peturthor17

    #6 My Friend Just Bought A House And Didn’t Think His Sectional Would Fit In The New Living Room…

    Image credits: drums2191


    #7 My Omelette Du Fromage Accidentally Fits My Plate

    Image credits: Ectoplasmorphe

    #8 Years Of Playing Tetris Pays Off

    Image credits: Mr_PoodlePants

    #9 My 5yr Old Refilled The Toilet Paper Drawer For Me. I Have Never Even Tried To Fit This Many In. I Need Some But I Don’t Want To Take One Out..

    Image credits: kmo11


    #10 Went To Open The Cabinet And It Slid The Ring Right Off My Finger

    Image credits: anonymousmouse2

    #11 No Space Lost

    Image credits: kosovarboy

    #12 Gibson And Schecter Headstocks

    Image credits: a_touhou_fan_


    #13 12 Pack Of Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Image credits: us-of-drain

    #14 This Comfy Lady

    Image credits: _brodre

    #15 Architectural Biscuit

    Image credits: narr___________eph


    #16 The Way My Tea Matched The Cup Color

    Image credits: XD_Devils

    #17 Someone Had A Bad Day But Got A Great Pic Out Of It

    Image credits: ArmadilloDays

    #18 I Was Told That This Would Fit Perfectly In Here

    Image credits: GuineaFowlItch


    #19 Can’t Believe My Luck

    Image credits: LukeNukem6

    #20 The Way This Nespresso Boxes Fit In The Drawer

    Image credits: hagaibraun

    #21 Stocking Up On Wood Pellets For The Season, And This Was Extremely Satisfying

    Image credits: DavidMaybury


    #22 Is This A Perfect Fit? I Keep Getting This Wrong. This Is A Parking Spot Someone Found Between 2 Buildings In A Hutong In Beijing

    Image credits: torreyn

    #23 February 2021

    Image credits: Arshdsj

    #24 Discovered New Scrubbing Brush Fits Perfectly Under These Shelves At Work

    Image credits: Love_Me_Some_Pie


    #25 My Wii On My New TV Stand

    Image credits: stuffandahalf

    #26 This Oversized Load Under A Bridge In Australia

    Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

    #27 Made Room On My Desk, Never Thought My Printer Would Actually Fit Into It

    Image credits: thugs___bunny


    #28 Unfortunate Perfect Fit

    Image credits: pgePark

    #29 Found That On My Way Home

    Image credits: LordPiki

    #30 I Fit Perfectly Under The Stairs At The Hospital

    Image credits: Muzrub

    “Embracing a growth mindset around luck is great because we start to look at optimism as a skill we can build, we find a balance between when to take risks and when to be more conservative, and we get the benefits of learning from the past, being realistic about the future and taking ownership of the present.”

    #31 Any Smaller And My Stroopwaffle Wouldn’t Fit Atop My Coffee, But If It Was Any Bigger It Wouldn’t Evenly Heat

    Image credits: CjJcPro

    #32 My Shower Mat Blocking All Of The Cold Air

    Image credits: stanp123

    #33 Perfect

    Image credits: click_here_free_ipod

    #34 The Way My Xbox One S Controller Fits Into My Beats Solo 2’s In This Case

    Image credits: johnsbrother07

    #35 The Way My Pancake Fits The Plate

    Image credits: tomve

    #36 My Suitcase At My Airbnb

    Image credits: MarsRoadster

    #37 Perfect Fit: Sad Edition

    Image credits: 65165

    #38 Sofa Was There First. Didn‘T Know What To Do With The Small Cabinet. It‘S Like It Was Made For This Spot

    Image credits: BenchMarcNanada

    #39 My Ex-Wife’s Car Has A Fry-Hole

    Image credits: theservman

    #40 Perfect Fit. Nightmare To Remove. Thanks Canada Post

    Image credits: Cow_k1ng

    #41 Extremely Happy With My Perfect Fit!

    Image credits: AmiableSandCat

    #42 Was Arranging My Chocolates When…

    Image credits: artogahr

    #43 These Knifes In My Drawer

    Image credits: Jaredkmcarthur

    #44 A Whole Package Of Sandwich Cookies In This Cookie Jar That Belonged To My Grandmother

    Image credits: zuriel2089

    #45 Ordered A Canvas From Amazon, Fits Perfectly

    Image credits: ganglem

    #46 I Have Found My Perfect Fit With My Speaker And These IKEA Shelves

    Image credits: Lukks22

    #47 This Parking Job At My Work

    Image credits: Stianmst

    #48 We Had A Vague Idea Of The Space, But The Cupboard Fit Perfectly Into It! Safe To Say I’m Very Relieved

    Image credits: Sriol

    #49 My Voting Sticker And My Steering Wheel

    Image credits: doorstopp

    #50 Chopping Board Was Spot On

    Image credits: dunn524

    #51 I Love How The Hobbit And Lotr Fits Perfectly In My Friends Shelf

    Image credits: beccylover123

    #52 This Package In My Po Box…

    Image credits: islandmechanic

    #53 Flashlight Blocked By A Quarter

    Image credits: gingerjesus6969

    #54 Putting Two Boxes Of Cereal In My Reusable Shopping Bag

    Image credits: HeySquirrelFriends

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