Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Thieves Walk Out Of Store With Full Carts Knowing They Couldn’t Be Stopped

    Andrew Sullivan/Facebook

    A pair of shoplifters simply walked out of a store with full carts, apparently knowing they couldn’t be stopped.

    The men were captured on camera with thousands of dollars worth of goods in their trollies, which shop employees knew they hadn’t paid for, but were able to stroll out of the store scot free in broad daylight.

    The theft took place at a Lowe’s store in Oregon on August 25, and a video shared online of the criminals in the act has now been viewed millions of times.

    In the clip, shared on TikTok last week, user @colmax77 appealed to his fellow TikTokers to share information with police if they knew the identities of the men in the video.

    Guys steal from Lowe's (colmax77/TikTok)@colmax77/TikTok


    As the men walk towards the exit, an employee approaches them and says, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ However, the men walk past the woman, who was unable to physically stop the men from leaving.

    Another employee ran to intervene, but was stopped by the woman. The man filming then walked up to them, saying, ‘Doesn’t it suck that you guys can’t do anything?’

    The video proceeds to show the criminals loading up their car with all the goods they’ve stolen before driving off.

    One person who witnessed the theft thinks that it wasn’t the criminal’s first time. Andrew Sullivan told Keizer Times, ‘I think these guys have done it before because they seemed to have a good system. One guy with the car and two guys with the carts. They knew no one was going to touch them.’

    @colmax77Only in USA ! ##fypシ ##lowes ##fy ##parati ##perte ##ideamericanproductions♬ theft from lowes – Massimiliano Colella

    ‘It was so blatant, that’s what riled me up. They were just strolling through the parking lot, just riding the carts,’ he continued.

    According to Sullivan, Romex wire was part of the stolen merchandise, which can cost as much as $450.

    Keizer Police Lieutenant Andrew Copeland also addressed the matter, saying, ‘Once you’ve stolen from Lowe’s once and know they can’t stop you, there’s no real consequence. Second thing is, these people know they can’t go to jail.’

    According to Copeland, Lowe’s didn’t report the matter until the following day. As of September 1, the theft was still an active investigation.


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