Saturday, November 27, 2021

    The internet is amused by an Italian duo who resembles Mr Bean

    Image: fabiola.baglieri

    Although the comedy show Mr Bean ceased years ago, the character played by British actor Rowan Atkinson remains famous. The childish character employs unique wit to complete everyday activities, but ends up causing problems for himself and everyone around him.

    An Italian couple has gone viral for their striking likeness to Mr Bean. TikTok stars Fabiola Baglieri and Arnaldo Mangini bear a striking similarity to Mr Bean.

    Arnaldo and Fabiola are frequently mistaken for father and daughter, however they only play Mr Bean and his daughter.


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    For their followers, the couple frequently shares photos and videos together.Fabiola took part in the ‘questions I get asked’ trend on Instagram, answering that people stop her on the street every day to take selfies with her due to her likeness to Mr Bean. She stated that she would not need to find the solution if she resembled her mother or father.


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