Saturday, November 27, 2021

    The GripBook Pro By Unnecessary Inventions

    If you’ve spent enough time on the internet, you’ve probably come across Matt Benedetto of Unnecessary Inventions, who is known for turning the definition of product design on its head. Matt has utilised his ingenuity and weirdness to create a number of inventions in the past, and his latest, suitably titled The GripBook, may appeal to a large number of people, particularly Apple fans.

    Some Apple users enjoy displaying their iPhones. The GripBook Pro is a pointless invention that may appeal to them. According to Matt’s official Instagram account, The GripBook ProTM is the most luxurious method to transport your MacBook Pro when you go out. His caption is as follows:

    “Our luxurious carrying device features a replica hand ergonomically designed to mimic your own hand’s grasp. Inside you’ll find the sure fit mounting bracket with our nonslip pads that perfectly hug, hold, firmly grip onto your high priced portable computer as it hangs from the solid gold chains.”

    Read the full post here:


    By utilising The Gripbook Pro, everyone around you will know that you are the proud owner of an Apple product and aren’t afraid to show it off! Matt’s designs have always piqued the public’s interest, but this one may have the potential to be mass-produced. Consider how many Apple users will buy this for personal usage!

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