Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Terrifying moment when a man opens the door of his car to let out a black bear

    A wild viral TikTok video shows the terrifying moment a man opens the door of his car to let out a black bear that had somehow found its way inside.

    @bear_inna_car♬ original sound – bear_inna_car

    The video, posted by aptly-named user bear_inna_car, shows the brave, tie-dyed shirt-wearing fellow opening the car door of his white Nissan before he and others attempt to goad the bear out of the damaged vehicle.

    “Go! Get out of here! Go!” the man, identified by Insider as Joseph Deel, can be heard yelling at the beast in the video before it scampers into the woods — with his friends also making loud noises to scare it away.

    Deel said he had to think fast when he saw the bear destroying his car.

    “My mind was on adrenaline and I knew I had to think very quickly to get it out of there,” Deel said in a follow-up TikTok post.

    “I just saw my car getting broken. I wasn’t really thinking about safety right there, I was just thinking about my car.”

    @bear_inna_car#damage #money #storytime #answeringquestions #fypage #fypage #bear #tennessee #gatlinburg♬ original sound – bear_inna_car

    The video, originally posted on July 12, has since garnered over 21 million views on the social media platform.

    According to Deel, the bear broke into the vehicle after he had left it unlocked while he and friends were camping in a cabin on a mountain, he explains in subsequent TikTok posts.

    “We’re surrounded by trees and nature, and who is going to break into your car in nature?” he said in a follow-up video.

    “It turns out bears will break into your car and they’re actually quite good at it,” he said, claiming that the same bear had tried to open the doors of his neighbors’ and friends’ cars as well.

    “I was the one who was lucky enough to win the TikTok lottery, I guess.”

    @bear_inna_car#questions #fy #fypage #answers #hippy #shoeless #bear #answeringquestions #gatlinburg #tennessee

    ♬ original sound – bear_inna_car

    Deel said in another follow-up video that he heard a car honk on the lonely mountain, which alerted him and his friends.

    “We go outside, and as soon as we open the door we can see my car just moving like crazy, like there’s definitely something in there,” he recalled.

    At first, he said they thought it was a person in the car and then a dog, but couldn’t tell due to foggy windows. As he approached, he quickly realized what he was dealing with.

    “We get close enough and I start screaming ‘There’s a bear in my car!’” he said.

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