Tech Innovations That Seemed Like Ultimate Breakthroughs At The Time But Are Now Nearly Completely Forgotten

    You can’t always guess what the future will hold. But you can bet your bottom dollar on one thing—there’s bound to be a whole bunch of tech breakthroughs that seemed incredibly important at the time only to have been left by the wayside.

    Here are findings of tech innovations that seemed so amazing just a handful of years ago but which sound bizarre, hilarious, or even useless now. Check them out below

    #1 These iPhone Apps Where You Drank Fake Beer

    Image credits: onmilwaukee

    #2 Movies On An iPod With A 2-Inch Screen

    Image credits: nowuzit

    #3 TVs With A VHS Player Built Into Them

    Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

    Nobody can deny that the pace at which technology changes is incredibly fast. So much so that some of us get left behind, clinging to what’s familiar, safe, and doesn’t require us to feel like we’re already pensioners.

    #4 Remember When Laptops Used To Have That Little Rubber Clit For A Mouse?

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #5 See-Through Electronics

    Image credits: rysterf

    #6 Watches That Lit Up Blue

    Image credits: itslikesoulman

    #7 Netflix’s DVD Service

    Image credits: suburbanmen

    #8 Robot Dogs

    Image credits: PussyAnalBreath

    #9 Thick Big Screen TVs Only Rich Kids Had

    Image credits: photobucket

    the future.

    #10 Car Phones

    Image credits: steverotter

    #11 Cassette Tape That Let You Connect Your iPod To Your Car Stereo

    Image credits: reddit

    #12 Batteries That Let You Check How Much Energy Was Left


    #13 A DVD Or VHS Player In A Car

    Image credits: photobucket

    #14 Portable DVD Players

    Image credits: ldn_elek

    #15 Digital Mp3 Players With These Songs

    Image credits: Luminous_Fantasy


    #16 The Original Ipod And The Million Buttons It Had

    Image credits: RobertoSport

    #17 The Motorola Razr. Still The Coolest Cell Phone To Be Produced

    Image credits: Boojibs

    #18 That Singing Fish

    Image credits: StevenBalthaser


    #19 Fake Lighter Phone Apps

    Image credits: play.google.com

    #20 Paper Toss iPhone Game

    Image credits: mrkowalscheme

    #21 Having The Option And The Ability To Update Your Facebook From A Text Message

    Image credits: SillyActuary


    #22 Phones With Internet On Them In The First Place


    Image credits: passingpleasantries

    #23 CD Players With 45-Second Skip Protection

    Image credits: Philips

    #24 Hit Clips

    Image credits: marceling


    #25 Digital Cable And Being Able To Watch A Ton Of Useless Channels

    Image credits: photobucket

    #26 A TV With A DVD Player In It

    Image credits: ryuguy

    #27 The GE Alarm Clock That Everyone Seemed To Have

    Image credits: 2ezyo


    #28 Those Backwards Seats In Station Wagons

    Image credits: or_worse__EXPELLED

    #29 Cd Players That Held Multiple Cds At Once

    Image credits: EXSUPERVILLAIN

    #30 Pagers Are Now Collecting Dust

    Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

    #31 Can I Interest You In A Sidekick II With Aol Messenger?

    Image credits: TheConfusingWords

    #32 Old School PC Microphones

    Image credits: wanpakujozu

    #33 Speakers That Attached To The Monitor

    Image credits: Smeg98

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