Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Tattoo Artist with Specialization in Holographic Sticker Tattoos

    Clayton Dias, a Brazilian tattoo artist, has gained notice for his unique holographic sticker tattoos, which not only have the unmistakable metallic shine of the real thing but also look to be put to the skin.

    Sticker tattoos have recently been very popular, as evidenced by the rising fame of artists such as Lucke Cormier, but the tattoo style is always evolving. Clayton Dias, a brilliant tattoo artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil, has devised his own technique for giving sticker tattoos the holographic treatment, which gives them a distinctive metallic shimmer.


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    “The ideas came from a study of colors that I decided to apply in the form of a holographic drawing,” Dias told My Modern Met. “In this style, it differs a lot from the technique I already used, it’s been very good to innovate something. A holographic tattoo requires good technique in applying colors.”


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    Dias, whose Instagram portfolio is proof that he has mastered several tattooing styles, said that he is still honing the holographic technique in order to make his works even better.


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    Looking over Clayton Dias’ portfolio, it’s obvious to see how his sticker artworks have improved over time. Initially, they were simple stickers, but he later developed techniques to make it appear as if the tattoos were peeling off the skin, and finally, he developed a technique to make the stickers appear holographic, which requires a firm understanding of shading, light reflection, and subtle changes in colour.


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