Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Swingers Trailer Park Opening Receives Overwhelming Response To Man’s Joke


    A swingers trailer park is opening in Louisiana, and it’s apparently generated a lot of interest.

    Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park has been created by David Aucoin and will include facilities like a nude swimming pool, a naked yoga ‘stadium’ and a ‘key party cabana’.

    Aucoin recently put up a poster advertising the upcoming new park in Mamou, located near to where the site will be.

    The poster reads, ‘Future home of Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park. Our motto is “Bring your house and share your spouse”.’

    Guy opens swingers trailer park (KLFY)KLFY

    It further requests people to send pictures of their spouse for approval and, despite this being a joke according to Aucoin, he’s since been sent several photos.

    He explained to KLFY:

    That was more of a joke to kind of ease up the people and just to create a vibe. People went further with it than you can imagine. We’ve gotten many pictures and many phone calls and many texts, voicemails. It’s unreal.

    That’s not the only reason he’s been inundated with messages though; people have also been expressing genuine interest in the park.

    Aucoin said, ‘We have got some from Pennsylvania, we have got some from Arkansas, of course all around Acadiana, all around Mamou, Ville Platte, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell. We have text messages from all over the country. It’s mind-boggling.’



    He added:

    Most of them call or text just to see if it’s real, just to see if somebody is going to answer because they’ll say, ‘Oh, no. Nobody is there. It’s not a real number.’ Or they’ll get on Facebook and say, ‘Oh, it’s not a real number.’

    I got on there and said, ‘I’d be a fat frog’s butt if it’s not a real number.’ Everybody starts calling, and they start calling, ‘Hey, what’s y’all’s address? Is this in Mamou? Where is this at?’ Yes, it is.’

    Aucoin insisted the swinging community is ‘bigger than most know’, and encouraged people to ‘live free and don’t be scared of it’.

    Meanwhile, he told critics it ‘sucks to be them.’ He continued, ‘There’s no reason to get mad at anybody for their preference. They’re not out here hurting nobody. Nobody is selling drugs here. People just want to have a good time, enjoy themselves the way they want to. That’s perfectly what it is.’

    Aucoin hopes to open the park next Memorial Day weekend.


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