Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Sumba Island’s Dancing Mangrove Trees


    The secluded Indonesian island of Sumba is known for many things, but none more so than its oddly formed mangroves, dubbed “dancing trees” because of the way they appear to sway with the setting sun in the background.


    Walakiri Beach, one of Sumba Island’s most popular tourist destinations, offers calm waters, a white sand beach, and inviting waters. But that isn’t why people flock to this small tropical paradise; they can all be found elsewhere. The dozens of odd mangrove trees lining the beach, some of which are so weirdly shaped that they appear to be stuck in a dancing motion, are what lure people to Walakiri.

    Photo: Soraya Shinta Dewi/Facebook

    The magic happens every day around sunset, when the waves recede to show the roots of the small mangrove trees. Professional and amateur photographers from all over the world go to Walakiri Beach in the hopes of capturing the perfect snap of the mangroves, and it’s simple to see why when you look at some of their work.

    The so-called “dancing trees” are unlike any other trees I’ve ever seen, and their distinct shape is what distinguishes them. They nearly look like human silhouettes dancing in their own, intriguing way, the way they gently bend with the sun sinking in the background from just the right angle.

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