Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Students in Indonesia uses Styrofoam boxes as boats to cross river

    It has been shown that primary school pupils in Indonesia use Styrofoam boxes as boats to cross a wide river on their way to school. These pupils must cross the river in the Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) region of South Sumatra using Styrofoam boxes, which has alarmed locals because it is plainly a perilous accomplishment. For these children, one wrong move or even a stroke of bad luck might spell disaster.

    Source: Kompas


    According to the village’s Head of Planning and Finance, Adi Perdana, students rowing Styrofoam boxes as boats across the river to school has become the standard for the locals.

    While some youngsters are escorted across by boat by their parents, it appears that some children refuse to be escorted by boat and prefer to take the Styrofoam boxes.

    Source: Kompas

    “Children have utilised these crates to play in the river for the previous ten years. There are generally up to seven or eight of them using these boxes,”

    “All of the kids can swim really well. They typically swim over rivers up to 120 metres wide,” Adi explained.

    The fact that this has become the norm only adds to the sadness of the situation. We sincerely hope that these children remain as safe as possible on their way to school.

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