Streaker Goes On Wild Run Down The Field At The Super Bowl


    As Tom Brady approached his seventh Super Bowl win, a streaker caused havoc on the pitch. 

    Tonight, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went up against the Kansas City Chiefs, with many believing it to be a generational match-up for the ages: a war between Brady, the GOAT, and Patrick Mahomes.

    While the game itself didn’t quite live up to that title, there were some exciting turns: some inexplicable throws from Mahomes, Brady’s first touchdown in the first quarter and a streaker running wild across the pitch.

    As the match progressed through its fourth quarter, with the Chiefs bidding to catch up with the Buccaneers, it briefly came to a halt when a streaker ran onto the pitch.

    While the TV broadcasts cut away, people present in the stadium kept filming the unnamed man as he led the arena’s authorities on a wild goose chase around the players. Of course, it ended the only way it could – he was tackled to the ground without much grace.

    One user commented: ‘Streaker got more rushing yards than any Chiefs running back right now.’

    Another joked: ‘They really came back from commercial and pretended the streaker never existed. I’m tired of streakers being erased and otherised by tv networks. The streaker community deserves to be recognised.’

    Others described it as the highlight of the game, with a third writing: ‘That streaker was the most interesting part of the entire Super Bowl.’

    There’s no further update on the fate of the streaker – one would assume he’s currently being reprimanded by security.


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