Skydiver in Poland was ‘booked’ after landing in the middle of the pitch during a football match

    A skydiver in Poland was ‘booked’ after landing in the middle of the pitch during an active football match of Poland’s Fifth Division.

    The video of the incident, now shared widely, shows the skydiver jumping out of a plane before parachuting to the football ground that was hosting a match between Olimpia Elblag FC second team and PISA Primavera Barczewo, according to Insider.

    Moments after the skydiver made a safe landing, the referee blew his whistle to halt play. He then walked towards the ‘pitch invader’ and showed him a yellow card.

    Watch video:

    The short clip has now gone viral and received some interesting comments from social media users.

    After the short interruption, the match resumed and Olimpia won 6-3.

    Skydiving videos get a lot of views on social media. But only a few go viral.

    One that left millions of netizens in awe showed a skydiver from Texas named and three others eating a pizza while plummeting down 14,000 feet.

    Soon after jumping off the plane, two divers come together, holding the pizza box containing a Margherita pizza. The third diver joined in when the box was already open. Only one piece fell off while the others were eaten.

    In March, a man took wedding proposals to new heights by popped the question to his girlfriend thousands of feet above the ground while skydiving.

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