Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Russian Fisherman Captures and Shares Terrifying Image of Alien-Like Sea Creature

    There are thousands of mysteries inside the deep ocean water that are yet to be discovered. Sometimes, fish and other materials found from the sea or ocean surprise everyone. Recently, a fisherman found a strange fish from the Barents Sea, off the northern coasts of Russia. Barents Sea opens into the Arctic Ocean.

    The fisherman was also scared after seeing that fish. He amassed hundreds of fans on social media after sharing pictures of his latest collection of alien-like sea creatures that he dragged from the deep sea water.

    Roman Fedortsov (39) who works on commercial trawlers caught the fish and took to social media to share his new collection of the strange sea creature. Sometimes, he has to fish up 3,300ft below the surface to get a good catch. Often, he comes across some fairly bizarre deep-sea creatures – from one-eyed fish and ghost sharks to bearded sea devils and anglerfish. He likes to collect antique, old and grotesque sea creatures that are extremely rare to find.

    Recently, a very strange fish got trapped in his net. He took many pictures of that fish and shared on social media. The pictures have now gone viral.

    The eyes of the fish look like buttons. Its body is of black and silver colors and its mouth is very strange. The alien fish has teeth like that of a monster. Whenever fish was turned backward, a strange mark appeared on its stomach. Fedortsov has named it Alien Fish.

    The fisherman has so far caught several bizarre looking creatures mainly found in the Norwegian and Barents seas in north Russia.

    Fedortsov said people are very interested in seeing sea creatures and are always fascinated by his findings from the sea. According to him, all kinds of fish are beautiful in their own way. He said no fish is ‘scary’ or ‘ugly’. He also travels to other parts of the world, including the Atlantic Ocean, off Africa.

    Image: rfedortsov_official_account

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