Monday, January 24, 2022

    ‘Rubber Duck-Shaped’ UFO Revealed In Leaked US Spy Plane Video


    A US spy plane video has been leaked, revealing a sighting of a UFO shaped like a ‘rubber duck’. 

    A UFO sighting in the southwestern region of the United States is driving the internet quackers, with the footage exposing the shape of the UFO to be similar to that of a bathtub toy.

    The footage dates back to November 2019, when a RC-26 surveillance aircraft, flown by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), tracked the UFO for around 40 minutes. However, the recording has only recently been made public.

    According to the plane that pursued the oddly-shaped object, the ‘rubber duck’ was said to be travelling at up to 200mph, The Sun reports.

    The DHS agents had originally been tracking down drug smugglers, located in Tucson, Arizona, using a thermal optics system called FLIR.

    While the first 20 minutes of the footage shows the reconnaissance mission going ahead as normal, with the plane’s crew simply observing the landscape, the ‘rubber duck’ UFO then suddenly comes racing into the frame.

    The video, taken on November 23, 2019 at roughly 9pm, tracks the roughly 6ft-long object as it reaches speeds between 90mph and 200mph according to the video’s data, as it is recorded nearby to the US’s southern border to Mexico.

    It is still unknown just what the ‘rubber duck-shaped’ UFO actually was, and whether it was just one or more objects flying in tandem.

    According to a Andy who posted the footage onto YouTube via NY UAP Discussion, he knew ‘immediately’ that the footage was ‘something of value’.

    The caption stated: 

    The object is emitting zero heat yet accelerates and decelerates throughout the footage. The change in speed and direction is evident by the terrain as it changes while the object is being tracked and also the speed can be seen in the upper right hand side of the FLIR info.

    The object can also be seen rotating as it flies. Birds, balloons, drones, and all other conventional explanation has been ruled out until Mick West gets a hold of this and claims the object is nothing more than a Frisbee thrown by the worlds strongest man. Mick West himself.

    Andy told The Sun how he ‘knew the object wasn’t any kind of conventional drone and was a genuine ‘unknown’ and how the footage was definitely ‘a big deal’, due to it not yet having been able to be identified by the Department of Homeland Security, whose job it is to ‘observe with a trained eye’.

    Furthermore, the footage was confirmed as being real by Luis Elizondo, a former insider from the Pentagon.

    UFOs, more commonly known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), have had many encounters with the US military, a fact that has been confirmed by the Pentagon UAP report.

    The Pentagon even released a UAP Task Force Report that detailed 144 military encounters with UFOs, including the ‘tic-tac’ UFO filmed by the US Navy spotted over England.

    The Pentagon is anticipated to be setting up a permanent office dedicated to UFOs as a result of the report, in which ‘all members of the department will utilize these processes to ensure the UAPTF, or it’s follow up activity, has reports of UAP observations within two weeks of an occurrence’, according to Deputy Secretary of Defence Kathleen Hicks.

    Analysis of the ‘rubber duck’ footage will be released later in the year, and it is currently at the stage of a peer review, YouTuber Andy noted.

    All hands are subsequently on duck to identify the mysterious ‘rubber duck-shaped’ UFO and others that have been spotted.


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