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    Romanian man’s best night turned into a nightmare

    Photo: Alvin Mahmudov/Unsplash

    A young Romanian man’s best night turned into a nightmare after being thrown into the air and dropped by his buddies during his own wedding, resulting in spine fractures.

    Liviu Filimon, 31, was enjoying his wedding reception in Baile Felix, northwestern Romania, when some of his friends decided it was time to celebrate his marriage to his new bride by throwing him into the air. It’s a widespread festive rite around the world, but in order to avoid catastrophe, the person being thrown into the air must also be caught on their way down.

    Unfortunately, the second portion did not go as planned in this occasion, and the young groom ended up in the hospital with several spine fractures.


    A viral video of the terrifying occurrence shows the 31-year-old groom being lifted up by his companions as he approaches the dancefloor and then thrown into the air. They catch him the first time, but when they go for a second throw, they don’t synchronise their effort, causing Liviu to fly off to one side and land on his back on the marble floor.

    Unfortunately, his buddies made another mistake when they picked up the injured groom and placed him on a chair rather than leaving him where he was until the ambulance arrived. The fall had resulted in several fractures, and by the time he arrived at the Emergency County Hospital in Oradea, he could scarcely move his left leg and couldn’t feel his right.

    Fortunately, Liviu’s condition improved overnight, and he regained sensation in both legs. Despite this, doctors warned reporters that he wasn’t out of the woods yet and that he was still in the neurosurgical unit. He was supposed to have more tests this week.

    Filimon informed local reporters that he had hired a lawyer but was still debating whether to sue anyone after posting a concerning selfie from his hospital bed. The wedding went on even though he was in the hospital with a fractured spine, with the bride and groom’s parents entertaining the guests.

    Liviu’s tale quickly went viral in Romania, and it was picked up by worldwide news sites. People on social media clearly accused the men who flung him into the air.

    ‘When you have friends that enjoy getting drunk…” One person made a remark, while another dubbed the practise of flinging the groom into the air “dumb.”

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