Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Prankster tricks chairman of the school board into reading out X-rated joke names

    A prankster pulled off a prank at a school board meeting that resulted in some very cheeky phrases being heard.

    In the clip, three hours into a meeting of Henrico School Board about student safety on August 26, things take a wild turn.

    The chairman of the meeting then calls out the names of people on the public comment list, except some creative pranksters have made sure every name is an innuendo.

    He reads out “Phil McCraken”, “Suq Mahdiq”, “Eileen Dover”, and “Wayne Kerr”, among others, without seeming to noticing something odd was going on, even as none of the made-up people replied.

    The funny clip was shared on Twitter by a woman called Jess who commented: “Some kids pranked a school board meeting on some Bart Simpson s*** and I am crying.”


    Unsurprisingly, the school board meeting footage was watched more than 11 million times and other people pointed out the similarity to The Simpsons.

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