Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Police strap a knife to a drone to rescue a bird that has been entangled in a high-tension cable

    Here’s a police rescue that will remain ‘high’ on the lists for quite some time.

    When a group of Peruvian police officers observed a pigeon dangling from a high-tension wire recently, they realised the rescue mission would be difficult.

    As a result, they decided to employ a technology commonly utilised by photographers, surveillance organisations, and even cops.

    Residents in the Barranca neighbourhood reported that the bird had been caught on an electric wire for more than 12 hours.

    Due to the impossibility of reaching the height without the assistance of the fire department, two astute officers hooked a knife to a drone and launched it up to the high-tension wire. The bird is seen dangling in the footage of the rescue.

    A close-up view captured by the drone camera reveals the pigeon’s talons that became entangled in a string. The drone’s blade was installed specifically for this purpose.

    Officers on the ground gently manoeuvred the DJI Mini 2 drone toward the bird’s talons. The camera’s footage was being live-streamed on social media.
    The danger tied to the pigeon’s feet was finally severed by the drone’s blade after careful navigation. The bird landed safely on a sheet placed beneath the line by worried residents. Following the ‘high-tech’ rescue, the bird was brought to a local animal shelter.

    Netizens praised the officers for their rescue plan, which they found admirable.

    Last year, a short video of a brave cop leaping into a frigid lake to save a golden retriever went viral on social media.

    The heartbreaking video shows the dog howling hopelessly in the frigid lake as two police officers ran to its aid.

    The unfortunate puppy clings to the frozen lake’s edges, crying and trembling in the frigid water. Fortunately, the cops arrived in time, and the dog was rescued from the water and sent to the vet for a checkup.

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