Saturday, October 16, 2021

    People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

    Remember the song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter? That one where he sings about our blue sky turning grey and our passion fading? There’s something quite calming about belting your worries away.

    You see, we Lithuanians “like to watch our neighbor’s house burn” so in honor of our roots, what if we painted their sky even darker? No, not black. More like a bottle of sweet and sour sauce exploding in a bag. Or accidentally taking a laxative instead of aspirin.

    We’ve compiled a new collection of images depicting people having a bad day, and we’re convinced they’ll help you feel better about your own.

    #1 Yesterday Our Neighbor’s 80′ Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Skylights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing

    No injuries, dogs pissed the bed, life goes on.

    Image credits: Bloomshockalocka

    #2 “I Think I Left A Window Open Last Night, Not Sure”

    Image credits: ValueMaverick

    #3 I Think My Dad Regrets His Decision To Clean The Gutters With A Leaf Blower

    Image credits: BurtMacklln

    #4 I Took Some Aspirin When I Was Tired Really Late At Night. I Realized An Hour Later That What I Took Was Not Aspirin

    Image credits: KatOfTheEssence

    #5 My Neighbors Had A Party Last Night. That’s My Trampoline

    Image credits: HalfWaySlick

    #6 I Chewed On It Twice Thinking It Was A Clove Of Garlic Before I Made The Horrific Realization It Was A Fingernail

    Image credits: Alicee-

    #7 You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened While You Were Gone

    Image credits: kpclaypool

    #8 Somehow Chucked A Dirty Nappy In The Washing Machine This Morning

    Image credits: couldntdecidemyname

    #9 GF And I Have Covid. Heater Went Out, Technician Can’t Come Out Due To Quarantine. Decided To Try And Fix It Myself

    Tripped over a pipe and fell through the ceiling. Does anyone need a handyman?

    Image credits: Kidw0nder

    #10 At Least He Left A Note There

    Image credits: gamerwitcher

    #11 A Bird Pooped In The Open Mouth Piece Of My Coffee

    Image credits: JackedRussellTerror

    #12 We Heard Crash In The Middle Of The Night – Though That Was A Thief But It Was This

    Image credits: agni_ka

    #13 Friend Bought A New $500 Speaker Today, Tripped On The Stairs 4 Stories Up While Carrying It Above His Head

    Image credits: duckonquack___

    #14 Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

    Image credits: Bonsonoptic

    #15 Went Down To The Basement To Do Laundry

    Image credits: drkwtrs

    #16 So How Is Your Morning Going?

    Image credits: deathberryx

    #17 “2021 Dad Of The Year” Ladies And Gentlemen. I Told Her To Shower, Instead Of Rinse Her Hair Out, Right After Dying It

    Image credits: medicfourlife

    #18 Kids Learned A Couple New Words Today

    Image credits: NotoriousArcher

    #19 I Think I’m Going To Need A Bigger Bucket

    Image credits: TheNightMan5000

    #20 Amazon Speedy Delivery, Right To Your Living Room

    Image credits: RoswellGAPolice

    #21 Results From An Allergy Test – My Body Reacts To Every Type Of Local Allergen

    Image credits: sinesquaredtheta

    #22 I Have Two Outlets In My House That Don’t Work. Purchased 2 New Outlets To Replace Them. Turns Out There Are No Wires To Connect Them To

    Image credits: angerybeaver

    #23 Son Decided To Swallow A Nickel And Turn $0.05 Into $4400.00

    Image credits: Kingsdontbeg

    #24 Someone’s Nail Got Stuck In The Elevator Button

    Image credits: kepper104

    #25 Been Waiting 6 Weeks For A Rather Expensive Toilet So We Can Fit It At A Client’s House, It Has Finally Arrived

    Image credits: tommygun1234567890

    #26 When You Live In Svalbard, Norway And Forget To Close The Window To The Home Office

    Image credits: Meteorologene

    #27 My Pizza Stone Cracked After 12 Years Of Use. Devastated

    Image credits: miserabeau

    #28 We Left 7 Months Ago. Came Back To This. Upstairs Neighbor Had A Leak And Never Fixed It

    Image credits: Datboi_842

    #29 Mistakes Were Made In The Media

    Image credits: Nordisali

    #30 That Time I Went To London And Finally Got To See Big Ben

    Image credits: axnu

    #31 Mother Nature Decided That This BMW Should Be A Convertible

    Image credits: Deej-OP

    #32 Bottle Of Sweet & Sour Sauce Exploded In My Bag

    Image credits: DMBreezy

    #33 I Now Remember That Yesterday I Wanted A Cool Soda

    Image credits: dim-pap

    #34 UPS Delivered My New Monitor Today By Dropping It Over A 7 Ft Spiked Wall

    Image credits: JustSeanAgain

    #35 Candle Was Super Fragrant Last Night. Now I Know Why

    Image credits: TomSF

    #36 I Forgot The Pepsi Was In The Back Of My Car, And It Was -16 Fahrenheit Night Before Last

    Image credits: OneEyedWilson

    #37 When You’ve Been Looking Forward To A Reese’s All Day But Then You Open One Up And Find A Worm In It

    Image credits: eldridgephotography

    #38 Currently Stuck In An Elevator In My Apartment Building, Was Told About 40 Minutes Until The Tech Arrives And I Have To Pee

    Image credits: c4boos3

    #39 Schrodinger’s Baby

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #40 In 2003, A Technician Forgot To Log That He Had Removed 24 Bolts During The Maintenance Of The Noaa-19 Satellite, Causing The Satellite To Fall Over And Costing $135,000,000 In Damages

    Image credits: here_for_fun_XD

    #41 I Was Eating A Bag Of Sour Gushers And There Was An Eye Contact Inside Of The Bag. Didn’t Realize Until I Was Chewing On It

    Image credits: ze90

    #42 I Guess You Could Say My Shift Wasn’t Too Much Fun Today

    Image credits: slashshruglmao

    #43 5-Year-Old Opened The Perler Beads Upside Down

    Image credits: dietdrpopcorn

    #44 Mistakes Were Made

    Image credits: love2go

    #45 Amazon Sent Me A Used Beats Headphone That Someone Swapped And Returned

    Image credits: UndergroundRemix

    #46 In Ten Seconds I’m Going To Discover The Value Of Lifejackets And Renter’s Insurance

    Image credits: dbcannon

    #47 I’m Being Overcharged By Insurance After My Daughter Was Born. This Is The Pile Of Mail I Have To Go Through To Prove They’re Ripping Me Off. Pear For Scale

    Image credits: ethicalgreyarea

    #48 Thieves Stole My Steering Wheel, Now I Can Only Drive Straight

    Image credits: helekip

    #49 I Can’t Find The Culprit That Left This In My House

    Image credits: vron_vol2

    #50 In-Laws Invited Us Over For Dinner. It Was A Trap

    Image credits: MindfulMuser

    #51 My Toddler And I Walked To The Park. Just To Find That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

    Image credits: maaalicelaaamb

    #52 Never Broke A Phone Before In My Life, First Day I Get My New One With No Insurance I Drop It 4 Feet And This Happens

    Image credits: AellyA

    #53 I Don’t Think I Had To Wash That

    Image credits: BugsyShort

    #54 I Dropped My Nearly Full Vial Of Insulin On The Floor And It Broke. I Have A Spare But That’s 60+ Bucks I’ll Never Get Back

    Image credits: Cheesypunlord

    #55 Today’s My Birthday. No One Could Make It Over For Pizza And Games, The Power Went Out And I Twisted My Ankle Because I Couldn’t See Coming Down The Stairs

    It’ll be me, the guitar, and some tears tonight. Happy 20th to me!

    Image credits: dekusoup

    #56 Every Year On This Day, I Get This Memory Of The Closest I’ll Ever Get To Winning The Lotto

    Image credits: RoboSquirt

    #57 Tried To Buzzcut My Hair Because All The Barbers Were Closed, Clipper Called It Quits Halfway Through. 4 Days Until My Amazon One Arrives

    Image credits: manitobakid

    #58 Ordered Pizza Online And Went To Pick It Up

    Image credits: Pure_Shyguy

    #59 A Seagull Somehow Managed To Poop Directly Into My GF’s Ear While She Was Walking

    Image credits: CaptainQueero

    #60 Anyone Else Have To Remove Their Washer Agitator Because They Washed A New Box Of Staples, Or Is It Just Me?

    Image credits: kungfoofighter80

    #61 Is It Funnier Knowing That These Are Antidepressants?

    Image credits: SSR_Id_prefer_not_to

    #62 Finished Sorting My Cards! And Then I Fell

    Image credits: ErinGoBragh513

    #63 I’m Starting To Think This View Isn’t Worth Golfers Aiming Directly At Our Homes

    Image credits: starbitcandies

    #64 First Night Of Vacation And We Go To Pull Out The Sofa Bed For The Kids, Hear A Loud Crunching Sound

    Son’s iPhone fell between the cushions and got caught in hinges of bed frame.

    Image credits: flippity_dippity_doo

    #65 Bought The Pokeball Plus Today. Excited To Use It, But Came Home To My Dog Chewing It Up

    Image credits: onlyherewearenot

    #66 Lit A Match To Light A Candle On The Toilet. Flew Out Of My Hand And Landed In My Underwear While Burning

    I simultaneously knocked the candle off the counter in a panic and it shattered all over the floor while my underwear caught fire.

    Image credits: gypsypanthr

    #67 Sunk My Four Wheeler While Looking For My Phone That Also Sunk

    Image credits: bilman66

    #68 My Mother Took Up A Hair Cutting Course 9 Years Ago. With Just Little Practice She Confidently Lured My Brother In For A Haircut

    Image credits: GuccimyBoi

    #69 My House Just Fell On My Car

    Image credits: stevegeorge1

    #70 Someone Locked My Bike With Their Own Bike Lock

    Image credits: pc1400

    #71 Craving Pizza But Convinced Myself To Get Groceries And Make A Healthy Dinner Instead. Why Do I Even Try?

    Image credits: bramblejamslam

    #72 Spent 6€ Trying To Make These Things Fall. Only Got A Pic Of This Postmodern Sculpture And No Food Or Drink

    Image credits: renyhp

    #73 Got To My Apartment From Work During A Rainy Day To Find A Roof Leak Right Over My Laptop

    Image credits: Skaydrel

    #74 Before And After Of My Uninsured Femur Break

    Image credits: shweazy

    #75 Tire Blew Out On The Way To Work. Not A Problem, I’ve Got A Spare. Nope. Spare Gave Out Too

    Image credits: IdleByron

    #76 Thinking About Burritos All Day. Come Home From Work And Microwave My Last One. Completely Hollow

    Image credits: Im_actually_satan

    #77 Turned On The Wrong Burner And Then Grabbed A Metal Bowl That Was Sitting Above The Flame. Ouch. Yup. Those Are Blisters

    Image credits: gregjacquin

    #78 Wife Sent Me To The Store For Sugar On My Way Home And I Didn’t Realize What Happened Until I Went To Put It In The Trunk

    Image credits: felinebarbecue

    #79 Look I’ve Heard It’s Rough In Australia, But South Africa Hits Different. No Morning Swim Today

    Image credits: ShaunBezzo

    #80 The Diamond In My Ring Fell Out Today. It Came With A 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Yesterday Was Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

    Image credits: Blueskittle101

    #81 Always A Fun When You’re In A Rush And Clean Jeans Are Mythical Creatures In My Flat

    Image credits: xshanevabsx

    #82 First Winter At My First Bought House

    Image credits: Eternal-_-Apathy

    #83 Ordered Caesar Salad For $15 From One Of The Local Restaurants

    Image credits: ThisssBabe

    #84 Someone At My Stepdad’s Work Put Dry Ice In The Toilet By Mistake

    Image credits: Samaraiii

    #85 Someone Managed To Lose Their New Box Of Lost-Item Trackers

    Image credits: CringyRedditGuy

    #86 Phone Slipped Out Of My Pocket While Go Karting And Became Wedged Under The Kart. This Is What I Found At The End Of The Lap

    Image credits: podsyboy121

    #87 I Didn’t Order Doordash. Looks Like Someone Didn’t Get Their Food From Last Night, Or Maybe From A Few Days Ago. I Haven’t Been Outside In Four Days

    Image credits: FabHckyBbe

    #88 Selling Sliding Glass Door, Some Assembly Required

    Image credits: 45Shusui

    #89 It’s 3:00am. Everyone’s Asleep And I’ve Been Trying To Get Out Of My Room For 30 Minutes

    Image credits: PhaseKoko

    #90 See Those Eggs? They Are Supposed To Be In The Pies. I Made Two Hot Oily Chocolate Garbage Circles

    Image credits: themattcrumb

    #91 Main Water Valve Was Not Shut Off For The Winter In A Cabin

    Image credits: kentiiboyy

    #92 I Did Not Look Closely Enough At That Label

    Image credits: IsThisDamnNameTaken

    #93 For Sale! 2001 Honda Civic, Great Condition. I Hope

    Image credits: Whisky4Breakfast

    #94 Woman Gets Tattoo About Not Wearing A Mask To Pretend Being Someone You’re Not. 2 Days Before The First Covid-19 Case In Her State

    Image credits: soer7022

    #95 I Wore Shorts To Work Last Night Because It Was 75 Degrees Out, This Is What It Looked Like Outside This Morning After My Shift

    Image credits: PhatedGaming

    #96 Cars After Freezing Rain In Vladivostok, Russia

    Image credits: VforthHorsemanV

    #97 Whole Foods Prime Delivery For My Mom’s Birthday

    Image credits: dreamboat252

    #98 Boyfriend Tried To Wash A Down Pillow

    Image credits: splanderson

    #99 My Front Yard 12 Hours Ago

    Image credits: KaerMorhen

    #100 Anyone Lose Their Boat On I90?

    Image credits: eriebasinrustics

    #101 Got Some Dredlocks In My Coke At The Ballgame

    Image credits: TransportationFun665

    #102 $400 Window Replacement To Steal A Pair Of $20 Headphones I Found At Goodwill

    Image credits: FoxxBox

    #103 My Pork Ribs Dinner. Unsure If Stress Causes Short Term Memory Loss But I Put Ribs On, Logged Into Work And Here We Are Two Hours Later With Grill At Full Blast

    Image credits: RadixLecti72

    #104 Dogs Locked Us Out Of The Car While Evacuating Hurricane Ida

    Image credits: Bert_Macklin86

    #105 My Wife Tossed A Pile Of Laundry Into The Dryer. Along With A Brand New Box Of 500 Dryer Sheets

    Image credits: _Scipio_Africanus

    #106 The Cake I Spent 1h To Make. At Least Im Sure It’s Not Too Dry

    Image credits: aerlindyl

    #107 PC’s Side Glass Slipped From My Hands

    Image credits: M0jood

    #108 How Do You Guys Like My New Shower?

    Image credits: Thatsnotano

    #109 One Shoe Fell Apart On My Way To Work And After I Fixed It With A Rubber Band, I Tempted Faith By Walking Home From Work And This Happened

    Image credits: redditkonto2

    #110 I Guess I Found The Weight Limit Of A Trash Bag. That’s Cat Litter

    Image credits: Natures_Loctite

    #111 In Celebration Of New Year, People Like To Shoot Bullets Into The Air In Pakistan. One Managed To Go Through My Window

    Image credits: Gr8_DrWrecker

    #112 My Left AirPod Fell In The Oven And I Didn’t Notice Until Well Baked 20 Minutes Afterwards

    Image credits: Educational_Ad_9649

    #113 I Have To Untangle This At Work

    Image credits: Xmaximus10

    #114 -25 Outside. Heavy Grocery Bag. No Gloves. Long Reunion/Chat With Old Friend In Parking Lot. Gravity

    Image credits: slm1992

    #115 Late For Work. Shut The Fridge Door Too Hard. Knocked Wine Bottle Off The Fridge. Hit My Coffee. Bad Morning

    Image credits: ellarhagen1

    #116 No Caramel For My Ice Cream I Guess

    Image credits: _The_Horny_Unicorn_

    #117 Ordered My Kid A 6 Piece Nugget Meal, This Is What He Got In His Nugget Box

    Image credits: SpectralShakti

    #118 GF Was So Proud Of Herself For Buying Raw Doors, Cutting In The Hinges And Drilling The Knob Hole. I Was The Bearer Of Bad News That She Did It Upside Down

    Image credits: Danetraineous

    #119 This Tire Was Almost Brand New, Too

    Image credits: SirGergoyFriendman

    #120 After 60h Of No Power In Middle Of Freezing Winter In TX, I Got Electricity For An Hour And I Thought That It Would Be A Good Idea To Thaw Frozen Honey For Rest Of The Day But I Forgot To Open Lid

    Image credits: sigsegv7

    #121 So Part Of The Automated Chicken Feeding System Broke Today

    Image credits: SaiTek64

    #122 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

    Image credits: VreniCZek

    #123 Boyfriend Decided To Try Out A New Hairdresser

    Image credits: MoonSearcher

    #124 Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On VHS

    Image credits: Yashkamr

    #125 Red Robin Has Pizza Now, But When You Customize The Order It Defaults To No Cheese And No Sauce. I Didn’t Notice It Until I Got Home From Curbside Pickup

    Image credits: CongressmanCoolRick

    #126 Walked Into The Chiro For Minor Back Pain, Left In A Wheelchair Straight To The ER With Paralyzing Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Image credits: leftHandedFootball

    #127 The Box Said 3000 Pieces. A Week Of Quarantine Tells Me It’s 2999

    Image credits: NotACrowbot

    #128 Charging My JBL Speaker Before Leaving On A Beach Trip When It Blew Up

    Image credits: dowork821

    #129 I’m An Idiot And My Wife Won’t Stop Laughing At Me

    Image credits: Shaneblaster

    #130 Haven’t Driven My Car Since I Last Got Groceries. Found The Missing Milk Under The Seat, It Rotted For Several Days

    Image credits: mamaneed-espresso

    #131 I’ve Only Had This Car For Two Weeks

    Image credits: AWholeCoin

    #132 Local Wendy’s Meets Its End

    Image credits: anotherguy252

    #133 My Dad’s Decided To Grow Tomatoes This Year, Here Is The Harvest

    Image credits: Diseased-Jackass

    #134 “We Sterilize Every Flight” But Apparently Do Not Remove Human Hair From A Cup Holder, Do We, Jetblue?

    Image credits: SNUFFYCAKES

    #135 Was Pretty Excited That My Father’s Day Present Came Early

    Image credits: trulymadlybigly

    #136 My Younger Brother, Who Moves Out In 2 Weeks, Tried To Make A Pizza

    Image credits: GlooificationV2

    #137 Person Fined For Speeding While Their Car Was Being Towed

    Image credits: Shadurasthememeguy

    #138 Found A Bed Bug In The Hotel We’re Staying At

    Image credits: Spader_spyder

    #139 Angry Ex?

    Image credits: BoardImpressive7201

    #140 Broke My Foot In Cancun, First Day Of My Honeymoon

    Image credits: couldentcareless

    #141 Unknown Insect Bite

    Image credits: Cephlot

    #142 Full Jar Of Minced Garlic

    Image credits: SaveMeClarence

    #143 I Think My Attempt At Growing Tomatoes Turn Out Rather Well

    Image credits: bigbluebeaver

    #144 It Snowed Two Feet Overnight And This Unlucky Neighbor’s Car In The Underground Parking Lot Is Next To A Large Grate

    Image credits: lalalindz22

    #145 I Finally Got A Secondhand Laptop That Works Decently And I Slipped On The Charger And Dropped It Off The Bed. It Only Half Works Now

    Image credits: sunkissedearthworm

    #146 48-Year-Old Hubby Was So Excited To Get His One Wheel Yesterday. 24 Hours Later, His Foot Is In A Cast

    Image credits: Ruffffian

    #147 My Mom Checked A Bag She Was Originally Going To Carry On And Forgot What Was In The Outside Pocket

    Image credits: sempiternal24

    #148 It Took Me Four Days To Do This Puzzle, On The Way To Put It In My Room I Fell Because Of My Slipper Which Got Stuck In The Edge Of My Staircase

    Image credits: Sdchachaze

    #149 Stuck In An Elevator For Hours After Working A Long Shift At The Hospital

    Image credits: DrRowdybush

    #150 Shower Door Randomly Exploded At 1 Am This Morning Giving Me And The Dogs The Fright Of Our Lives

    Image credits: sciencemint

    #151 Got The Whole House Wired Up, And I Just Found Out I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

    Image credits: Ziplock189

    #152 Don’t Bring Lunch Tomorrow, We’re Treating All Staff Members To A Luncheon! This Is What We Were Served

    Image credits: buildingwithclay

    #153 Anyone Know How To Jailbreak A TV?

    Image credits: adirtyburrito

    #154 Guess I’ll Order Out Tonight

    Image credits: panicsatdiscos

    #155 Sitting Here For Over An Hour Waiting To Be Interviewed

    Image credits: Flat_Mechanic_8229

    #156 My Most Useful Little Kitchen Knife Went To The Great Drawer In The Sky Today After 18 Years Stalwart Service

    Image credits: BeardySi

    #157 My Delicious Chicken Sandwich From Wendy’s

    Image credits: iMissMyMsPotato

    #158 My Boyfriend Wanted To Take A Picture Of That Glass Of Wine, Then My Dog Showed Up In My Window And Did This

    Image credits: bruno_sensei

    #159 My Best Calligraphy Up To Now Is Misspelled

    Image credits: joocyboii

    #160 Finding Cinnamon Sugar Shrimp Tails In Your Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Image credits: Import

    #161 Just Sold My Old PC. After Sending It Across Country, I Realized My Wireless Mouse’s USB Was Still Plugged In It

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #162 Get All The Way To Work, Look Down And This Is What I See. I Work 1.5 Hours From Home, So I Can’t Go Home And Change

    Image credits: Kimbuchaaaaa

    #163 Hubby Ordered From His Favourite Pizza Place After A Long Day Of Work And Got This

    Image credits: Tangerino28

    #164 Turned The TV On After A 12 Hour Night At Work

    Image credits: RayApe

    #165 First Day At Vacation And Our Half Of The Hotel Hasn’t Had Power. Guess Who Might Be Going Home Early?

    Image credits: Destined2Pixels

    #166 I Think I Need To Find A New Barber

    Image credits: sipicup

    #167 My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast

    Image credits: whothefuqisdan

    #168 Bought A “Brand New” Jacket Online. Found This Inside The Pocket

    Image credits: Nylokken

    #169 I’ve Been Saving This Free Game Coupon Since Before The Pandemic

    Image credits: XxEthan70xX

    #170 My Sunflower In The Front Of My House Finally Bloomed For The World To See

    Image credits: huntegowk

    #171 Waited Five Years For This Cactus To Bloom. Leaving For A Five-Day Trip, I Noticed This

    Image credits: thegreatvolcanodiver

    #172 AC Went Out Yesterday, Haven’t Stopped Sweating In 24 Hours And My Cats Are Having Heat Stroke

    Image credits: yoshibeardie

    #173 This Is My Car. I Live In Northern Norway

    Image credits: BlackScienceMan2

    #174 I Just Managed To Take A Pic Of My Life

    Image credits: JanMattys

    #175 What’s The Worst Thing To Find After You Took The Last Batch Of Cookies Out? The Real Cinnamon

    Image credits: MhmCandii

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