Saturday, November 27, 2021

    People Share 100 Of The Coolest Product Designs

    Whether it’s a suitcase, a lamp, or a pair of flip flops, the best designers can seamlessly blend form and function to make their products truly unique.

    These folks balance creative, conceptual, freeform thinking with the practical, industrial constraints of actually getting things made, and when they succeed, people notice it as much as when they fail. Especially the members of this particular subreddit.

    Sharing pictures of the best concepts they can find, this online community has shown time and time again that while money can’t buy you happiness, it can get you a lot of cool stuff.

    #1 Minimal Playing Cards

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #2 Lamp From IKEA

    Image credits: gotandwinter

    #3 Simple And Well Executed

    Image credits: BullionGodspeed

    #4 Suitcase That Displays Its Own Weight

    Image credits: Wildest83

    #5 This Corner Light Makes It Looks Like Your Wall Is Peeling Away And Revealing Something Behind It

    Image credits: whoialwayswas

    #6 The Omoshiro Block: A Memo Pad That Reveals Objects As It Gets Used

    Image credits: petitbleuchien

    #7 Someone Made Trump Tweet Flipflops

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #8 This Guy Lurking In The Living Room

    Image credits: Aramirez_2020

    #9 This Carpet

    Image credits: SuryaYlp

    #10 Typewriter For Music

    Image credits: waquasy

    #11 Motivational Gym Shirt

    Image credits: danieltkessler

    #12 Pretty Sure All Horror Novels Should Come With Covers Like This

    Image credits: Catculator

    #13 Pixelated Playing Cards

    Image credits: Goprowarrior

    #14 A Lounge Chair Built Into The Dock

    Image credits: sedano704

    #15 Card-Sized Pocket Tetris!

    Image credits: cyacyan

    #16 Bulbasaur Pot

    Image credits: jackthew

    #17 This USB Fan/Clock

    Image credits: Reddit__man

    #18 Mobile LED Lights

    Image credits: nemuhendisicom

    #19 Incredibly Accurate Death Star Firepit

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #20 Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #21 This LED Clock

    Image credits: deshosign

    #22 Come On Little Buddy

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #23 This Hanging Lounger Swing

    Image credits: akaihelix

    #24 Shot Glass In Jameson Whiskey Bottle

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #25 Bottled Water Shaped Like A Dumbbell

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #26 This Banana Peel Safety Cone

    Image credits: amIgooddude

    #27 A Highlighter Which Doesn’t Block Your Vision

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #28 Cracked Log Lamp

    Image credits: elee0228

    #29 This Table’s Length Can Be Doubled

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #30 This Customizable Table Lamp

    Image credits: thatswiedisay

    #31 Absolute Unit Of A Couch

    Image credits: ezio_73

    #32 This Floating Wine Glass

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #33 An Air Less Tire

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #34 Norwegian Shoe Drying Machine. For Those Who Live In Wet Or Snowy Environments, Must Be A Trouble Saver

    Image credits: SethTizzy

    #35 Grandfather Clock

    Image credits: pallaskleos

    #36 Chess Board In A Ring

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #37 Fold-Out BBQ For Space Saving

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #38 Death Star Ice Cube

    Image credits: gotandwinter

    #39 T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder

    Image credits: Tom__and__jerry

    #40 Partially Submerged Hippo Table

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #41 L’orange Perfume Bottle Set. Parfums De Marcy, 1925

    Image credits: Sleeeepy_Hollow

    #42 How To Fix Damn Near Everything Flask Book

    Image credits: Miskatonica

    #43 The New Etch-A-Sketch ‘Revolution’ Can Draw Circles

    Image credits: abaganoush

    #44 Groot Pot

    Image credits: Gumparimaas

    #45 This Doggy Bunk Bed

    Image credits: Funtimestic

    #46 Stained Glass Rainbow Piano Box

    Image credits: ConfoOsedBride

    #47 This Jar Is Shaped To Look Like A Ziplock Bag

    Image credits: deshosign

    #48 Nintendo Game Boy Refrigerator Magnets

    Image credits: iwanthatx

    #49 Inverse Of An Hourglass

    Image credits: waquasy

    #50 This Ceramic Coffee Mug That Looks Like It’s Made Of Cardboard

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #51 Refrigerator With A Removable Pitcher Built In To The Door

    Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

    #52 This Astronomical Watch

    Image credits: waquasy

    #53 This Japanese Candy

    Image credits: dontletmedowny

    #54 This Mini Boat. Because Why Not?

    Image credits: Catculator

    #55 This Bike’s Gear Shifting Visual Aid

    Image credits: continentalme

    #56 Toilet Timer

    Image credits: therealtinman

    #57 Alarm Clock By Ihome Shows The Time On The Front And Sides So You Can Check The Time In Bed Without Having To Move. The Sides Are Also Less Bright So As Not To Bother You While Sleeping

    Image credits: WightHouse

    #58 Minimalistic Steel Pen

    Image credits: silentpl

    #59 The Best Maternity Shirt Ever

    Image credits: mathewfrok

    #60 Color Changing Mat Which Turns Red When Wet

    Image credits: waquasy

    #61 This Wooden Word Clock

    Image credits: makemewig

    #62 This Mechanical Lock

    Image credits: makemewig

    #63 Thermochromic Star Trek Mugs

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #64 This Brain Cactus For Halloween

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #65 Smart Cloud Interactive Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker System

    Image credits: srmc93

    #66 This Pressurized Cap Infuses The Water With Tea

    Image credits: reddtitexter

    #67 To The User With The Dancing Cat, I Raise To You My Own Dancing Cat!

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #68 Squirtle Pet Costume

    Image credits: thatswiedisay

    #69 This Business Card

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #70 Game Of Thrones Dragon Lamp

    Image credits: therealtinman

    #71 My Toothpaste Will Never Be Squozen The Same

    Image credits: xX420bOnglOrdXx

    #72 This Notebook Has Hexagonal Paper For Taking Notes In Organic Chemistry Class

    Image credits: Fernando_huidobro

    #73 Door Handle That Functions When Pulled In Any Direction

    Image credits: reddtitexter

    #74 This Aluminium Lamp

    Image credits: besticangets

    #75 Pop Out Outlet

    Image credits: therealtinman

    #76 It’s A Mug That Stops Coffee From Running All Of The Way Down

    Image credits: aaronbowers

    #77 This Plug That Doesn’t Bother Other Plugs

    Image credits: Lessedrone

    #78 Innovative Japan

    Image credits: littlemayor2

    #79 These Measuring Cups Are Designed To Visually Represent Fractions For Intuitive Use!

    Image credits: conorcf

    #80 A Resin Orb I Made

    Image credits: Bens_Worx

    #81 This Japanese Gum Have Little Pieces Of Paper Inside For You To Spit Your Gum In To When You’re Finished With It

    Image credits: reddtitexter

    #82 A Built-In Watering Hole For Your Pets

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #83 This Viking Longboat Conference Table

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #84 Magnetic Cookie Dunker

    Image credits: mathewfrok

    #85 In Beer Veritas

    Image credits: lostproton

    #86 Dog Cards

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #87 This Crab Multi Tool

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #88 Engagement Box

    Image credits: crosspostninja

    #89 This Crushed Paper Waste Basket

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #90 A Bottle Of Rum In A Bottle Of Vodka

    Image credits: amIgooddude

    #91 If I Could Have One Thing In Life, It’d Be This Bed

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #92 Beautifully Stacked Bowls

    Image credits: Ohad22

    #93 This Light Up Stick Figure Costume

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #94 Ms Paint

    Image credits: SwordYieldingCypher

    #95 Soy Sauce Dishes That “Reveal” A Painting Once You Fill Them Up

    Image credits: carrotbaton

    #96 LEGO Slippers Designed By LEGO To Step On LEGO

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #97 Have No Idea Who Made This But It’s Damn Cool

    Image credits: nightinggirlse

    #98 Be Great For Kids

    Image credits: Plebsplease

    #99 This Handheld Printer

    Image credits: Panda_911

    #100 Automatic Card Dealer

    Image credits: Plebsplease

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