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    People Reveal What Incredible Things They Created Using 3D Printers (35 Creations)

    For most people, 3D printing can seem tricky and hardly understandable. However, throughout time, it has become more common to use it in everyday life. Having this in mind, enthusiasts of 3D printing created a subreddit called 3Dprinting where “makers of all skill levels and walks of life can learn about and discuss 3D printing.” The group with 817k members share their own creations done with the help of this technology. So here are the most elaborate works done by people who are mastering the 3D printing process.

    What do we know so far about 3D printing? Built In, a community for tech startups and businesses, defines it as a technology that “uses computer-aided design (CAD) to create three-dimensional objects through a layering method. Sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing involves layering materials, like plastics, composites or bio-materials to create objects that range in shape, size, rigidity, and color.”

    More Info: Reddit 

    #1 I Designed And Printed A Working Simpsons TV. Plays The First 11 Seasons At Random Without Internet. Knobs Work Too!

    Image credits: buba447

    #2 I 3D Printed A 3D Printer 3D Printing A 3D Printer

    Image credits: arthuroking30


    #3 Made Tactile Diagrams For A Blind Student At My Uni

    Image credits: shadeofmyheart

    #4 After Modding My Ender3 V2 To Do 400mm High Prints I Revisited My Prosthetic Cover Design, Printed Full Height, No Cut Or Seam At The Bottom, Raindrop Rear Case, Tpu Gaskets To Damp Sound…best Of All, 40% Lighter. Well Pleased.

    Image credits: CrustySweetRoll

    #5 Switch Card Rolodex I Just Printed And Assembled!

    Image credits: photophinishphyllis

    For some, the increased usage of 3D printing technology may appear to be a danger to their work. However, the professor sees more opportunities than threats. “History has already proven this: the development of efficient machines did not result in an increase in the number of unemployed, but rather in the development of new specialisations.” According to him, people will now have to learn or improve their mastery of some digital technology abilities. He also emphasised the value of innovation in 3D printing, as well as the opportunity to express one’s identity through various shapes and materials.

    #6 As Requested, Here’s Mack With His Pla Unicorn Horn

    Image credits: Bogey01

    #7 Saw This On Thingiverse And Knew I Had To Print One For My Wife

    Image credits: dc010

    #8 Just In Time For Halloween

    Image credits: phoaddict

    #9 Made Some Coasters

    Image credits: TannedJew

    #10 My 3D Printed Plant Towers 🙂

    Image credits: Kryolyte

    #11 99% Finished. I’m So Happy With The Way This Turned Out!

    Image credits: LengthinessTop7509

    #12 I Made A 1:3 Scale Batmobile 1989 For My 4 Years Old Son

    Image credits: YsnKy86

    #13 I Printed And Painted My Very Own Necronomicon. What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

    Image credits: MS_Salmonella

    #14 Sign I Printed For My Girlfriends Business

    Image credits: inaudible101

    #15 You Should Only Use Your Printer For Practical Purposes

    Image credits: umberto_pagano

    #16 Broke My Glasses Arms, Saved $200 By Printing Instead Of Replacing.

    Image credits: Johny2x4Reddit

    #17 3D Printed Guitar Body Build

    Image credits: Libercrat

    #18 I’m Printing Shang Chi’s 10 Rings With My Elegoo Mars Pro

    Image credits: MrSingularitarian

    #19 Mid Century Beehive Lamp Fully 3D Printed Replica

    Image credits: enragedmachine

    #20 Wife And Kids Kept Stealing My Charger

    Image credits: TheMaskedSwinger

    #21 Printed A Sierpiński Pyramid On My Ender 3v2, No Supports

    Image credits: sanity

    #22 Can’t Decide If This Is Awesome Or Terrible…

    Image credits: jimmiecburn

    #23 I Built A Pool Cleaner From A Roomba

    Image credits: electrosync

    #24 Not Sure If There’s An Interest In 3D-Printed Brains? Here’s Mine From 2016 When I Converted My (And My Friends’) Fmri Scans Into A Printable Stl.

    Image credits: muxelmann

    #25 I 3D Printed A Rock! Then Painted It To Look More Like…a Rock!

    Image credits: Hopefully_Irregular

    #26 I Designed En 3D Printed A Custom Pikachu Pegboard For My 4yo Daughter. It’s Great, Because No Matter What Colors She Decides To Use, It Always Looks Like A Pikachu And It Makes Her So Happy!

    Image credits: DankSepticTank

    #27 Glados Room Automation

    Image credits: Bramptonn

    #28 Iron Man Mk5. 10 Servos Working Together

    Image credits: BoxAndLoop

    #29 I Made A Foldable Pokeball Christmas Decoration. I’m Really Pleased With The Result 🙂

    Image credits: 3demonster

    #30 Giant LEGO 3D Printed Flowers Might Be My New Favorite 3D Thing To Gift People

    Image credits: OrderOfStego

    #31 Made A Keyholder With Spinning Head Just With A Thread

    Image credits: Kito_3D

    #32 Candy Season Approaching! Pulling Out One Of My Favourite Modular Designs…

    Image credits: DaveMakesStuffBC

    #33 I Present To You A Real Apex Loot Tick

    Image credits: grahamw01

    #34 DIY Mini Functional Makita Circular Saw, 1:12 Scale , 3D Printed. Designed By Me In Solidworks. Printed Using Elegoo Mars 2

    Image credits: EnosCamare

    #35 Roommates Kept Stealing The Coffee Table To Put Their Vaporizer On, I Had Enough And Decided To Model And Print A Custom Table For It

    Image credits: ultrasuperman1001

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