People Creeped Out By The Story Of Eerie Grave With Window


    Everyone loves a good spooky story, and one TikToker has been creeping millions of people out with her tale of a mysterious grave with a window into the coffin below.

    The grave in question is located in a cemetery in the US state of Vermont, and while it’s too old and murky to see through today, not so long ago passersby who happened to look in the window would have been able to see the body of the man who lay beneath.

    Just the thought of it is enough to give you goosebumps, but according to @bobbiecurtislee, there’s actually a pretty logical explanation for the mystery window.

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    In her video, she reveals that the grave was designed by a man called Timothy Clark Smith, who lived in fear of being buried alive. In order to avoid his nightmares coming true, Timothy reportedly designed his own coffin and gravestone to include a window, allowing mourners to check that he was actually dead.

    For added peace of mind, Timothy also included a contraption featuring a bell tied to a string, which he’d be able to ring if he ever woke up to find himself buried six feet underground.

    Luckily for Timothy, he never had to put his invention to the test. He died on Halloween in 1893, and was buried in his custom grave according to his wishes, with the window into his coffin remaining on his tombstone, no doubt giving visitors to the cemetery over the years the fright of their lives.

    Featured Image Credit: @bobbiecurtislee/TikTok


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