Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    People Are Just Learning The Adorable Way You Weight A Koala


    The internet is reacting to the cute and unconventional way zoologists weigh koalas. 

    Not many people would have thought about the best way to weigh a koala, but people are now finding out the answer to this unusual question.

    It turns out the method used is adorable, and many have been surprised by a video that shows a scale with a branch attached. The video is equally amusing thanks to the koala’s unwillingness to sit still for the measurement.

    Check out the cute video below:

    The branch is placed on a scale, and then the scale is reset to zero. Once this is done, a koala simply needs to be placed on the branch and its weight can be measured. By doing this, the koala should be relaxed so a proper measurement can be taken. With that said, in this instance, the koala was keen to get off the branch and pester the workers in the zoo.

    Most of the comments on the video have discussed the surprising weighing system as well as the movements of the animal. Some noted that the fact that a koala runs on all fours was a shock and mentioned how endearing the video of the mischievous koala was.

    This video seems to of made a lot of people’s day. On top of that, it has informed plenty of Reddit users on the correct way to weigh a koala and will undoubtedly be retold as an interesting piece of trivia at some point.


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