Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Passenger jumps out of emergency exit and onto wing of plane

    NBC News/Alamy

    An American Airlines passenger was apprehended after opening the emergency exit and jumping onto the wing of the plane.

    All was going well with American Airlines flight 920, which had just landed safely and was taxiing towards the terminal at Miami International Airport after departing from Cali, Colombia. Then a passenger opened the emergency exit and jumped out onto the wing of the plane.

    The passenger, later identified as 33-year-old Christian Segura, reportedly strolled around for a while before jumping down off the wing when US Customs and Border Protection officers arrived to arrest him. He was later taken to the emergency room of Jackson Memorial Hospital after paramedics determined he required medical attention. Once he gets out of hospital, he will be headed for jail.

    American Airlines (PA Images)PA Images

    Per NBC News, airport authorities said the incident caused no delays to other passengers, proving that jumping out of a plane is not a good way to beat the queues at the airport.

    This is the latest incident in what the Federal Aviation Administration has called ‘a disturbing increase’ of unruly behaviour on planes. Since the beginning of the year, it has reported almost 4,500 incidents involving unruly passengers; a typical year would normally only see between 100 and 150 incidents.

    American Airlines (PA Images)PA Images

    Many of these recent incidents have been caused by passengers refusing to comply with mask requirements, leading to fistfights and passengers being escorted off planes.

    Misbehaving on a plane in the US can land you with criminal charges, a $35,000 fine, and even a lifetime ban on certain airlines.


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