Old but Gold

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    Drunk man breaks into a family’s home and poos in their kettle before falling asleep on the sofa.

    A family were shocked to find a stranger in their home after accidentally forgetting to lock their door - but what he did next...

    Woman fumes as she couldn’t enter a garage due to her “inappropriate” crop top

    A woman who claims she was told she couldn't enter a garage due to her "inappropriate" crop top has called out the staff on...

    Russian synchronised swimmer shows off her effortless underwater dance routine

    A champion synchronised swimmer has shown off her effortless underwater dance skills on TikTok wearing a pair of stiletto heels and fishnet tights. Kristina Makushenko,...

    Korean broadcaster uses images to ‘represent’ countries taking part in the Olympics

    Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (Cultural Broadcasting Corporation), one of South Korea's largest TV stations, has apologised for misusing images to introduce the various countries participating...

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