Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    New York City Restaurant Breaks Record For Most Expensive French Fries And The Price Is Insane


    A New York City restaurant has broken the record for the most expensive french fries, and the price is truly gobsmacking. 

    Have you ever gone into a nice restaurant and ordered some fries and found yourself outraged by how they’re twice more expensive than a large fries at Maccies? Well, apparently that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

    Serendipity3, a restaurant in New York’s Upper East side, has shown us all the real state of inflation. As of July 13, its fries are currently the most expensive on Earth.

    New York City Restaurant Breaks Record For Most Expensive French Fries And The Price Is InsaneCBS News

    The restaurant’s fries are called Crème de la Crème Pommes Frites and cost an eye-watering $200 a plate. Let’s just say these are not the sort of fries you want to be scoffing after a drunken night out…

    This is not the first time either that Serendipity3 has topped the Guinness World Records for its expensive cuisine. The restaurant has already claimed two other world records for both the most expensive burger ($295) and ice cream sundae ($1,000).

    Creative director and chef Joe Calderone said, ‘Serendipity is a really happy place. People come here to celebrate, to really escape the reality of life sometimes.’

    The $200 fries begin their journey of inflation as Chipperbec potatoes. They are then blanched in vinegar and champagne before being fried in pure goose fat opposed to oil. They are fried not just once but twice, so that they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside (for $200? They better be!).

    If that wasn’t good enough, they are then sprinkled with edible gold, seasoned with truffle salt and oil, before being served on a crystal plate with an orchid, thinly-sliced truffles and Mornay cheese dipping sauce. The sauce of which is obviously also infused with truffles.

    Corporate executive chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert said of the dish, ‘[The] truffle is the main star here.’

    The fries are new to the menu to announce Serendipity3’s return after the restaurant had to close during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Calderone said, ‘It’s been a rough year and a half for everyone, and we need to have some fun.’

    However, if you want to snap up the boujee golden fries, you’ll have to join an 8-10-week waiting list. And if I were you, for that price, I’d ask for the crystal plate to be included as well.


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