Mum Whose Teeth Decayed During Pregnancy Shows Off Toothless Smile To Break Stigma


    A New York mum who suffered tooth loss and decay during pregnancy has been breaking the stigma around snap-in dentures. 

    In March, Alicia encouraged fellow TikTok users to show ‘how hot we look, how beautiful we look, with or without’ dentures in. The original video has amassed more than 15 million views, with the 36-year-old attracting praise for being so candid about the subject.

    In later videos, Alicia has spoken more about her teeth, as well as responding to those who think it’s ‘gross’ or criticise her for taking her dentures out so much.

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    In one TikTok, which has more than two million views, she says: ‘I told myself when I went through this that there was not going to be a single person that could say a damn thing to me that’d make me feel bad about it.’

    Alicia started losing her teeth 15 years ago, following the birth of her first daughter Katie. On her Princess Glitterhead YouTube channel, she explained: ‘One of my eye teeth just broke right out in a McDonald’s hamburger, and I was so freaking embarrassed.’

    @princxssglitterhead🤫it’s magic🤗It’s called #selfacceptance YT➡#glitterheaddentaldiaries #dentures #withorwithoutteeth #toothlessprincess #catfish #toothlesssmile♬ Happy – Pharrell Williams

    She continued: ‘I had just married my husband, we just had our first baby. This man married me with perfect teeth … And then the next year his wife is missing a front [tooth].’

    As well as avoiding the dentist, having had a traumatic childhood experience, ‘during pregnancy, I don’t think I ate properly. I wasn’t as healthy as I should have been. So the baby had to strip things out of my body that I didn’t know I didn’t have… mostly calcium from [my] teeth,’ she said.

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    During her second pregnancy with her daughter Bea, ‘my teeth were freaking rocked,’ she said. As per the CDC, between 60-75% of women suffer some form of dental disease during pregnancy.

    After forking out $16,000, Alicia finally got snap-in dentures. ‘It was the scariest thing I have ever done, but I knew it could be the best decision I ever made… we have the power to make this decision the best thing we ever did for ourselves,’ she said.


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