Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Mum demonstrates how filthy your washing machine is, and everyone is disgusted

    We rely on our washing machines in our day-to-day lives to keep our clothes clean – but what keeps a washing machine clean?

    One mum who thought her appliance was sparkling after cleaning it regularly was left stunned after trying out a DIY hack that exposed what was really lurking within.

    Sharing her findings on TikTok, mum-of-two Jojo_con82 shared an instructional video explaining how to properly clean a washing machine so you can try it out for yourself.

    The video, which has already been viewed by two million people, sees the mum using dishwasher tablets to remove the dirt left behind.

    @jojo_con82Cleaning the washing machine. it looks clean, how wrong was I… #cleantok #washingmachineclean #dishwashertablets #tryit

    ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

    She captioned the video: “Cleaning the washing machine. It looks clean, how wrong was I…”

    The mum explained: “I’ve lived in my flat for 3 years. This washing machine was here.

    “I’ve cleaned it with the cleaners and also soda crystals once a month. I saw a video about using 2 dishwasher tablets to deep clean it.

    “Thought I would give it a try. Wasn’t expecting much.”

    She throws two dishwasher tablets into the empty drum, shuts the door and selects the ‘Cotton Standard 60C’ cycle before turning it on.

    The captions add: “How wrong was I…” before showing murky brown water to begin to gather in the drum, as she said: “This is only after 10 minutes… Yuk..”

    Later on in the wash, the machine was shown to be mixing around a large amount of frothy, brown liquid as the mum said: “After 1 hour… I will be doing this once a month instead…”

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