Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Mum bursts into laughter after discovering an X-rated artwork on her daughter’s homework

    One mother’s casual check of her daughter’s schoolwork rapidly took an unexpected and X-rated turn.

    Mum Jessica Qaos claimed her daughter’s  picture of a guitar was a touch racy, and it had others in stitches.

    She was going through her daughter’s poetry workbook when she noticed one drawing that didn’t appear quite right.

    Her kid had drawn a hat earlier in the book, but this rhyme said “Car rhymes with tar.”

    As a result, her daughter drew a guitar. Except that it didn’t appear to be the case.

    Jessica’s daughter may be heard in the background saying “guitar rhymes with tar” as she reads it.

    Her daughter's attempt at a guitar

    Whoops ( Image: @jessicaqaos)

    Her daughter's attempt at a guitar

    The video went viral ( Image: @jessicaqaos)


    The mum can be heard saying “Guitar? Okaaaay,” while her daughter helpfully explains: “I made it different.”

    @jessicaqaosThis will never not be funny

    ♬ original sound – Jessica Qaos

    The cheeky video from @jessicaqaos racked up more than two million hits, with viewers left in stitches.

    One viewer joked: “Apparently I know how to play the guitar.”

    Another commented: “Just a normal guitar to me, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    A third added: “I promise you that the teacher showed everyone this picture when the kid was at lunch.”

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