Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Mischievous child puts a bicycle lock around the neck of his mother and forgets the lock combination


    A Chinese mother recently approached a police station for assistance in removing a bicycle from around her neck after her 4-year-old son put it on her and forgot the unlock code.

    On October 7th, a young mother entered a police station in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, China, with a strange “choker” around her neck – a grey and yellow bicycle locking device akin to a U-lock. She explained to the staff that her son was playing with the lock next to her as she was cleaning the bathroom when he suddenly wrapped it around her neck and locked it. She laughed at first because it was her lock and she knew the unlock code, but it turned out that the lad had altered it and neither of them knew the combination to unlock it.

    “I was cleaning the toilet, and my son was playing with the bicycle lock next to me,” the unnamed woman told police. “He suddenly put it around my neck and locked it. I couldn’t unlock it with the code I had set and I had no idea know how many times he changed it, so I panicked.”

    Police investigated the lock and found that they couldn’t aid the woman much, so they summoned a team of local firefighters. They used a tiny towel to place between the woman’s neck and the bicycle lock as they tried with two pairs of wire cutters to cut it.

    As the lock was being removed and the mother exhaled a sigh of relief, one of the firefighters said, “You should bring your son here, we’ll help educate him,” to which she replied that she had previously disciplined him for his misbehaviour and that he was asleep at home.

    The woman’s storey and the video of the lock removal went popular on Chinese social media, with most people commenting on the need of parents setting limits in order to avoid situations like this.


    “A typical example of failing to teach youngsters about boundaries, I didn’t laugh at all after witnessing this,” one user said.

    “Even if it’s between parent and child, boundaries must be set for all actions and words, and children must not violate these boundaries,” another person said.

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