Massive Stash Of Cocaine Found In Packages Sent To Supermarket Chain

    Huge stashes of cocaine have been found in banana packages in supermarkets in Poland.

    Packages of cocaine worth €6.7 million were first found in several Carrefour supermarkets in Warsaw, which had been sent from the firm’s main supply warehouse in Rawa Mazowiecka.

    When staff discovered green packages in the banana boxes, they contacted management, who then contacted police.

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    Speaking about the incident, Carrefour Polska Press Office told Polish Press Agency:

    We can confirm that during the afternoon of Thursday, June 10, in one of our stores in Warsaw, employees found suspicious parcels in a fresh shipment of bananas.

    The police were immediately notified, and they quickly secured the goods and initiated an investigation that is currently underway. Our network is cooperating fully with the police in all aspects of this case.

    On the back of alerting the authorities, boxes in other stores were found to have drugs in the Mokotow district of the city.

    Cocaine packages (@Policja_KSP/Twitter)@Policja_KSP/Twitter

    As per The First News, Sylwester Marczak, a spokesman for Warsaw’s Police Headquarters (KSP), has now discussed the situation: 

    Cocaine has been secured by police officers at several points. Activities are ongoing in the Mazowieckie and Lodzkie provinces.

    Investigations are currently underway which are operational, so we cannot provide details. The value of the drugs secured exceeds PLN 30 million.

    With this news in mind, it might be an idea to double-check your fruit when you’re in the supermarket.

    Featured Image Credit: @Policja_KSP/Twitter


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