Man With Alzheimer’s Proposes To Wife Again Because He Forgot They Were Married


    A man with early onset Alzheimer’s surprised his wife by proposing to her after forgetting they had already been married for 12 years. 

    Peter Marshall, from Connecticut, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago and as a result has no recollection of his first wedding to his wife, Lisa.

    The disease has sadly taken many of Peter’s memories, but the 56-year-old never forgot how much he loved Lisa, and while watching a wedding on TV one day he decided to ask Lisa to tie the knot – again.

    Lisa and Peter (Oh Hello Alzheimer's/Facebook)Oh Hello Alzheimer’s/Facebook

    According to NBC New York, Lisa recalled the moment her husband said ‘let’s do it’ as the pair watched the bride and groom on TV last December.

    She said: ‘I said, ‘Do what?’ And he pointed to the TV, to the scene of this wedding and I said, ‘Do you wanna get married?’ He said yes and had this huge grin on his face. He doesn’t know that I’m his wife. I’m just his favorite person.’

    Lisa’s daughter, who just so happens to be a wedding and event planner, was able to help out with the event by spreading the word and making arrangements with numerous vendors who offered their services for free.

    Describing herself as ‘the luckiest girl in the world’, Lisa said: ‘I get to do it twice.’

    Lisa and Peter dancing at wedding (Oh Hello Alzheimer's/Facebook)Oh Hello Alzheimer’s/Facebook

    The married couple enjoyed their vow renewal ceremony a couple of months ago, but Peter’s illness is progressing so rapidly that he no longer remembers the day, or how he leaned in and whispered to Lisa, ‘Thank you for staying.’

    Lisa has assured that the day was ‘perfect’, saying: ‘I couldn’t have dreamt for a better day. It was so magical. I can’t remember seeing him so happy for so long. He was so happy.’

    The wife and mother documents her and Peter’s journey on a Facebook page titled Oh Hello Alzheimer’s, where she describes the experiences as ‘sometimes raw, always tender and real’ and receives support and praise from other users.

    Featured Image Credit: Oh Hello Alzheimer’s/Facebook


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