Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Man In India Forced To Wash & Iron ALL Of The Women’s Clothes In His Village After Being Accused Of Attempted Rape

    What an unconventional approach to show society how rape should be punished.

    As the globe grapples with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected and unwelcome side effect has been a reported increase in rape occurrences. India, in particular, has had a huge problem with crimes against women, which have increased by more than 63 percent in 2021 so far.

    To fight this, a town in India devised a novel way to punish a guy accused of attempting to rape a woman.

    According to the Hindustan Times, as a condition of his bail, the accused man, Lalan Kumar, has been ordered to wash and iron the clothes of all 2,000 women in his village for six months.

    According to a judgement issued on Wednesday, Kumar, who is from the Majhor hamlet in the state of Bihar, would have to purchase the detergent and other things required to give free laundry services to the women of Majhor (22 September).

    According to Santosh Kumar Singh, a police official in Bihar’s Madhubani district, Kumar, who washes clothes for a job, was arrested in April on allegations that included attempted rape. He was also asked to post bail, and no date for his trial has been scheduled.

    Kumar’s counsel stated that the accused was willing to “perform community service related to his job” to demonstrate his respect for women.

    Meanwhile, Nasima Khatoon, the chairman of the village council and one of the community authorities who would oversee Kumar, stated, “All the ladies in the village are satisfied with the court ruling.”

    “It is historic. It will boost respect for women and help to protect dignity.”

    The women in the area also allegedly stated that the order had a good influence by raising the issue of crime against women in their community.

    “This is a fantastic step and a novel sort of punishment that sends a message to society,” one of the villagers remarked.

    In India, police have long been accused of not doing enough to prevent violent crime and of failing to prosecute sexual assault cases. Let’s hope we see more inventive and effective penalties like this in the future.

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