Man Has A Rare Medical Condition That Causes Him To Sleep 20-25 Days A Month

    According to the Sleep Foundation, a healthy adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. But that definitely isn’t the case for this man from India who sleeps 20-25 days a month or 300 days a year. Due to his disorder, he also has a very difficult time waking up.

    Purkharam, 42, suffers from a rare sleeping disorder known as Axis Hypersomnia. He was diagnosed with this rare disorder 23 years ago, and it has impacted his health and lifestyle ever since. The medical condition has even affected his life to a point where his family members must bathe and feed him while he is sleeping, as reported by The Indian Express.

    This 42-year-old man can only run his grocery store five days a month. In fact, it is said that he may even sometimes fall asleep during work!

    He used to sleep for more than 7 to 8 days at a time, but his symptoms worsened over time and he now allegedly sleeps for 20 to 25 days straight, reported The India Times.

    What is Hypersomnia? 

    Being the complete opposite to insomnia, hypersomnia could cause one to experience sleepiness during the daytime and they may need more than 9-10 hours of sleep within a 24-hour period. Those with this condition may also sleep for long periods of time at night. According to Medical News Today, people who suffer from this disorder may also have trouble waking up, even if they set an alarm.

    People who are suffering from hypersomnia may require behavioural therapy as well as medication to stay awake. In fact, without proper medical care, the condition can significantly impact daily life and lead to further complications.

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