Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Man Gets Futuristic Chip In His Hand And It’s Freaking The Internet Out


    A man has had a futuristic chip implanted in his hand, and people have been left thoroughly freaked out.

    Biohacker Robot Scott has inserted the chip beneath his skin, and often takes to TikTok to show off all the extraordinary things he can do with it.

    The chip makes Scott’s hand magnetic, which he demonstrates in vids by pinning tweezers, paperclips and even USB sticks to his flesh. Scott also uses his implant as a tool for home security, DIY, phone unlocking and general technological wizardry you wouldn’t have imagined possible just one decade ago.

    Check it out below:

    Scott’s chip is fitted with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) feature which allows him access to several devices.

    Thankfully, Scott can move his chip when necessary and he has also confirmed that it is perfectly safe for him to go through airport metal detectors or use MRI machines, as long as he removes the magnet placed inside his other hand.

    In one vid, which sees him demonstrate on a banana, Scott reveals that he removes the chip himself when needed, by making a tiny, but still large enough, incision in his hand using a small scalpel. To be honest, even just seeing this operation carried out on a banana was enough for me.

    Scott has clocked up more than 9.3 million likes on his popular TikTok page, which looks towards the ‘next phase of human evolution’. Tech heads have been fascinated by this potential glimpse into the future, although some do have concerns should this ever be rolled out on a global scale.

    chip in hand (@robot_scott/TikTok)@robot_scott/TikTok

    One spooked person commented:

    Anyone else here thinking this may be a bad dystopian idea?

    Another wrote:

    Go figure, we keep getting closer to living in the same world that Demolition Man was set in. For those that don’t know, in the movie, in the future folks had chip implants as well, that allowed them to do things.

    Whether you love the idea of owning such a chip, or shudder at the very thought, you can find out more about Robot Scott and his futuristic hand here


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