Saturday, November 27, 2021

    ‘Karen’ Halloween Costume Sparks Debate


    This year’s ‘must-have’ costume, or ‘profiting off racist entitled white women’? A ‘Karen’ costume has divided people ahead of Halloween. 

    The use of Karen as pejorative slang has become commonplace over the past year, generally used to describe a white, middle-aged, often bigoted woman who always believes she’s right in the event of a slight inconvenience and will probably demand to see the manager.

    While it’s now a shorthand for media across the world, its adaptation for a Halloween costume has sparked debate, with some feeling it turns serious observations about white privilege into a joke.

    A photo of the costume was shared to Twitter by @thecroakerqueen, who wrote, ‘And the scariest costume goes to…’.

    Among the replies, one user wrote, ‘I like how they profiting off racist entitled white woman and using a word ppl use to call them out into a trendy Halloween costume… but ima be quiet.’

    ‘I don’t see sh*t funny bout that, that’s the face of either someone that’s gonna get you fired from your job or cause you bodily harm when she crashes her car into you,’ another wrote, while a third suggested it was ‘weaponising whiteness into a joke’.

    Another wrote, ‘And just like that, the word Karen has lost all contextual weight and importance. It’s just now a silly quip… I don’t like how they’re profiting from the very real issue of racism.’

    ‘No really why is this a costume. and if I were a parent and saw someone wear this as a costume, I’d tell them bout themselves,’ a fifth tweeted.


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