Informative Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things

    The map might not be the territory, but gosh darn it both aren’t fascinating to look at! We’re pretty big fans of maps and we can’t wait to set our eyes on even more unusual and peculiar ones in order to expand our minds and feed our imaginations which are hungry for aesthetic designs. Luckily for us, there are tons of like-minded internet users who are nearly bursting with their love of maps.

    This subreddit about maps has nearly 1.5 million members and probably has more creativity than I’ve personally seen anywhere else on Reddit so far. Even though we can’t mention the subreddit’s full name because we’ll get censored, the community is truly friendly and has stood the test of time since May 2011. And the person to thank is land surveyor Patrick McGranaghan, the founder of the entire project, whose passion for maps is beyond measure and keeps the online group together.

    Patrick and I had a wholesome chat about how to get ourselves moving outside our comfort zones and on adventures, what maps he’s recently been working on, as well as the ins and outs of moderating the subreddit.

    “I’ve noticed, especially as I’ve gotten older, that you only have so much time on this planet and every day that is wasted is a day that you’ll never get back. If you want to get out and explore the world you just have to do it. Some adventures will cost time and resources, but the real question I ask myself is can I afford not to do some goal I have my heart set on. There are so many opportunities in this world that it may be hard to choose, but if you wait too long those opportunities will be gone forever.”

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    #1 Age At First Marriage

    Image credits: latecomer11

    #2 Average Number Of Languages Spoken By The EU Population

    Image credits: JeannaLeavy

    #3 World Map Of Borders

    Image credits: krinkyee_113


    #4 The Great Lakes And Saint Lawrence River Superimposed On A Map Of Europe

    Image credits: fraterkretert43

    #5 Hand Drawn Map Of China And Neighboring Countries With Placenames In Mandarin (I Drew It As An Exercise To Memorise All The Provinces)

    Image credits: LuKing-Ra

    #6 How To Read A Topographical Map

    Image credits: World-Tight


    #7 Places Where Birthright Citizenship Is Based On Land And Places Where It Is Based On Blood

    Image credits: constantlyhere100

    #8 “Do You Pronounce The ‘R’ In ‘Arm’?” – England 1950 vs. 2016

    Image credits: Schwarzwaldmilch

    #9 The Most Culturally Chauvinistic Europeans

    Image credits: tiredeggy

    #10 Rural Equivalent Of New York City, Los Angeles And Chicago

    Image credits: kapowitz9

    #11 Soft Drinks From All Over Europe

    Image credits: klaci03

    #12 Antarctica Without Ice, U Don’t See That A Lot

    Image credits: Rajni_Rao


    #13 Map Of Africa’s Borders If Divided By Languages ​​and Ethnicities

    Image credits: Danielbrenim

    #14 Pride Month Map: Countries In Asia That Recognize Same-Sex Marriage On A National Level

    Image credits: Eclipsed830

    #15 The Topography Of The Roman Empire, Ad 117

    Image credits: boytutoy


    #16 What Are Your Thoughts On This Breggsit?

    Image credits: the_Eggshibit

    #17 Are You Closer To Georgia, Or To Georgia?

    Image credits: atlasova

    #18 Mythical Beasts Of The United States Of America

    Image credits: NeilParkinsonMakes


    #19 Why Is [country]…? – Google Autocomplete Results (European Countires, 2021)

    Image credits: Morwon

    #20 Hello! I Cross Stitch Earth Science Maps And Have Been Told They Belong Here. Great Lakes Bathymetry Is My Favorite So Far

    Image credits: blondeboxshell

    #21 The United States — All Of It

    Image credits: guspolly3

    #22 The Most Consumed Type Of Alcoholic Drink In Europe

    Image credits: Landgeist

    #23 This Is A LEGO World Map I Designed! I Spent Many Hours Staring At Google Earth And Topological Maps To Make This

    Image credits: GooseWithDaGibus

    #24 Most Spoken Languages In Each US State Other Than English Or Spanish

    Image credits: TurtleMaster69_

    #25 This Is My Friends Wood Shop Project, Thought It Would Be Fitting Here

    Image credits: Fleebo-1

    #26 What Does A Horse Say In Your Language?

    Image credits: atlasova

    #27 Territories Of Modern Ghana And Ghana Empire

    Image credits: logatwork

    #28 Africa, 10 Million Years Later. (Based On Current Predictions And Data)

    Image credits: TheAssConsumer

    #29 Shanghai, China From 1984-2020

    Image credits: dmoney1300

    #30 Map Of The Ancient Roman World From Their Perspective, 43 AD

    Image credits: Subhigh42

    #31 Hello! I Was Told You Would Enjoy This- Took Me 3 Years!

    Image credits: avalonal5464

    #32 Australia And Brazil Comparison

    Image credits: World-Tight

    #33 Children’s Map Of The World (Only Shows Countries Where Smacking Children Is Illegal)

    Image credits: OwlRepair

    #34 A Map Of The World But It’s Just The Time Zones

    Image credits: GeneviveStarks

    #35 Russian Propaganda Map Of Europe In 1915

    Image credits: Ivan_Krasnov

    #36 Most Common Last Name Per Country

    Image credits: KreeJaffaKree

    #37 I Made A 3D Topographic Map Of Penobscot Bay, Off The Coast Of Maine

    Image credits: mtbsnow

    #38 African Population Density

    Image credits: madrid987

    #39 Used Some Old Damaged Atlas Pages To Decorate Under The Glass Of My Coffee Table

    Image credits: Noesiph

    #40 Japan Is Farther East, West, North And South Than Korea

    Image credits: poktanju

    #41 Las Vegas From 1984-2021

    Image credits: BeaverTheCuber777

    #42 My Son’s (12) Map Of The Balkans

    Image credits: Lindadorse

    #43 I Made A Gingerbread Eastern Hemisphere!

    Image credits: etymologynerd

    #44 The Pacific Is Bigger Than All The Land In The World Combined

    Image credits: F4310_3M

    #45 The Deepest Points Of Earth’s Five Oceans

    Image credits: jungle_capital

    #46 Bigfoot Sightings vs. Black Bear Records

    Image credits: oefiefieuwbe

    #47 I Drew A Map Of All Japanese Prefectures (Took 6 Hours). Hope You Like It 🙂

    Image credits: GoroMajimaKun

    #48 Where Is Central Europe?

    Image credits: dsmid

    #49 The United States As Only Bodies Of Water

    Image credits: World-Tight

    #50 A World Map, But Countries Are Sized According To Their Co2 Emissions (2010)

    Image credits: imenaupwas

    #51 How A Coastline 100 Million Years Ago Influences Modern Election Results In Alabama

    Image credits: IamShartacus

    #52 Comparison Of EU And East Asian Flight Paths After The Belarussian Air Space Incident

    Image credits: ManTuzas

    #53 Olympus Mons Volcano On Mars Compared To The State Of Arizona:

    Image credits: AryamanShetty

    #54 The World According To Google Street View

    Image credits: wetterg8iuk

    #55 If US Land Were Divided Like US Wealth

    Image credits: mapsfactory

    #56 Turkey For Beginners

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #57 Map Of The Armenian Genocide. The Size Of The Red Circle Represents The Number Of People Killed

    Image credits: No_Chip2111

    #58 All The Major Highways And Roads Of Canada

    Image credits: constantlyhere100

    #59 My Latest LEGO Topographical Map, This Time The USA (Including Parts Of Canada And Mexico)

    Image credits: kc_sharky

    #60 The Europe That Was

    Image credits: dhruveishp

    #61 First Map Of The World By Anaximander

    Image credits: golifa

    #62 The Average Bedtime By County In The Us

    Image credits: constantlyhere100

    #63 The Word Money In Various European Languages

    Image credits: klaci03

    #64 This Is What The Surface Of Mars Would Look Like If, Like Earth, 71% Of Its Surface Area Was Covered With Water

    Image credits: RespectTheFancy

    #65 I Am Working On A Picture Book With Each State Drawn With One Line. I Finished My 7th State Last Night

    Image credits: tfoust10

    #66 Now You Can Figure Out How To Get Home If You’re A Bit Farther Away Than Normal

    Image credits: NISCBTFM

    #67 Map Of Europe If The Size Of The Countries Were To Be Their GDP:

    Image credits: french_bobotte

    #68 Polar Histograms Of Street Networks In 100 Major Cities Across All Continents, Ranked From Most Orderly To Most Disorderly (Each Histogram Bar’s Direction Represents The Compass Bearings Of The Streets, And Its Length Represents The Relative Frequency Of Streets With Those Bearings)

    Image credits: benjaneson

    #69 For 6.5 Years My Wife And I Tried To Have Every Person Or Family Who Visited Our Home Put A Pin In This Map, Marking Where They Called, Or Once Called, Home. We’re Moving Out Now, And Decided To Tally Up This Phase Of Our Lives. 48 Countries. 15 States. 142 Pins

    Image credits: iammandalore

    #70 Blue/Green Eyes And Blond/Red Hair Across Europe

    Image credits: Stellarsleeper

    #71 My Primary Map Stitching Project Has Been State Bedrock Geology Maps. Georgia Is The 17th State I’ve Finished!

    Image credits: blondeboxshell

    #72 The World’s Population Concentrated

    Image credits: atlasmapper

    #73 Legality Of Cannabis Around The World (July 1, 2021)

    Image credits: tennytits

    #74 Annual Fruit Consumption Per Capita (2017, Kg)

    Image credits: emir0723

    #75 A Physical Map Of India At The Bharat Mata Temple, Varanasi, India

    Image credits: MissusWeaver

    #76 Median Age Of Us States

    Image credits: ScarAdvanced9562

    #77 Distribution Of The World’s Primates

    Image credits: Retard-Cheekz

    #78 I Just Finished This Population Map Of Europe Where Each Pixel Means ~500,000 People

    Image credits: Morwon

    #79 I Think Us Election Is Not About Republicans vs. Democrats But Urban vs. Rural

    Image credits: Europehunter

    #80 If You Draw “Straight” Lines Between The Northern And Southern Most Points In The Contiguous Us Along With The Eastern And Western Most Points The Two Lines Never Intersect

    Image credits: DarkerThanAzure

    #81 The Same Amount Of People In Brazil Live In The Highlighted Areas

    Image credits: artistesatisfyaf

    #82 How Far Are You From France ?

    Image credits: AllHailMadame

    #83 Portion Of Each State That Is Federal Land

    Image credits: rimaildr

    #84 All Of Those Wandering African Place Names

    Image credits: MBH1800

    #85 This German Submarine Map With Squares That Are All The Same Size

    Image credits: Ostseekabeljau

    #86 The Green Sahara (11000-5000 Years Ago)

    Image credits: bigchicken9

    #87 Symbols Of Aviation – Europe And Nearby (Source: Fb Page Of 303 Jag Squad)

    Image credits: ieatbeet

    #88 USA Cultural Regions Map

    Image credits: ladyegg

    #89 Got Bored In Class

    Image credits: RegnaGamer

    #90 North America 77 Million Years Ago

    Image credits: bigchicken9

    #91 A Map Of What’s Happening In Israel-Palestine Right Now. Please Be Gentle In The Comments, It’s A Mess In Here (Lynchings And Rockets And Riots And Firefights And Military Lockdowns, Jesus)

    Image credits: Spiritual-Panda-1805

    #92 1422 Paris Map On Top Of Today Paris

    Image credits: MikebibbyoverMJ

    #93 Average Colors Of Western Europe As Seen From Space During 2018 (Map By Johannes Kroeger, Link In The Comments)

    Image credits: hd189

    #94 Olympus Mons Compared With France

    Image credits: talgalus

    #95 EU Map Made Out Of UK’s

    Image credits: -Zaleyna-

    #96 Australia Is Big

    Image credits: paulrobinsonauthor

    #97 Tourist Map Of Death Valley (1929)

    Image credits: Petrarch1603

    #98 The Nearest National Capital In Europe

    Image credits: Rubenkubus

    #99 The Map Of Australia From 1794

    Image credits: hydrolik43

    #100 Europe 1444 Map (8k X 5k Image)

    Image credits: ratkatavobratka

    #101 Highest Point In Each American County

    Image credits: saint_aleutian

    #102 World Writing Systems

    Image credits: __PrathamYadav__

    #103 Every Dot Is A Football (Soccer) Pitch

    Image credits: lukedawson199p

    #104 How Many U.S. Counties Have A Population Greater Than The State Of Wyoming?

    Image credits: Mapper_X

    #105 A Raindrop Falling In Erie Co. Pa Will Travel 2,147 Miles To The Gulf Of Mexico Rather Than 15 Miles To Lake Erie

    Image credits: LexFloruss

    #106 Google Earth In 1600

    Image credits: mattygilf

    #107 The Topography Of Africa

    Image credits: eastofnowhereco

    #108 The Average Centre Of The U.S. Population Has Been Gradually Moving Westward Since 1790 And South Every Year Since The Introduction Of Air Conditioning In The 1920s.

    Image credits: constantlyhere100

    #109 USA Map In Russian. Enjoy Your Cyrillic

    Image credits: angobando

    #110 These Countries Do Not Have An Army

    Image credits: MeronDC

    #111 The French Republic — All Of It

    Image credits: MaMamanMaDitQueJPeut

    #112 New Guinea. I Had No Idea It Was So Large

    Image credits: fviegasAgdt3467

    #113 Egypt’s Population Concentrated Around The Nile River

    Image credits: MeronDC

    #114 The Topography Of Turkey

    Image credits: sreaht

    #115 The Estimated Amount Of Daily Truck Drivers In The U.S. (1998)

    Image credits: CheeseRP

    #116 Map Of Germany’s Watersheds

    Image credits: Alkit777

    #117 Countries With 2 Largest Cities Furthest Apart

    Image credits: BerryBlue_BlueBerry

    #118 Where Is The Nearest National Park?

    Image credits: foxygrandpa203

    #119 Where Americans Are Moving To (And Where They Are Leaving)

    Image credits: abeookes726

    #120 A Comparison Of Australian States And The United States By Area And Population

    Image credits: zhunu

    #121 To Which One Of The 7 Modern World Wonders Are You Closest?

    Image credits: atlasova

    #122 Antarctica Without Ice Fantasy Map (Made With Inkarnate)

    Image credits: ChrisTheWhitty

    #123 In The Process Of 3D Printing Manhattan, NY

    Image credits: 3Dcityframes

    #124 Countries Larger Over Longitude Or Latitude

    Image credits: dash_hhh

    #125 Percent Of Adults Smoking Cigarettes Across The Us And The Eu. Data For 2017/2018

    Image credits: maps_us_eu

    #126 Population Of The Americas In 1950 vs. 2020

    Image credits: constantlyhere100

    #127 Public Broadcasters Of The World

    Image credits: Ok-Codd

    #128 Map Of Ottoman Empire In Early 16th Century. Handdrawn By Me

    Image credits: ketolare

    #129 This Is A Map Of All Reported UFO Sightings, 1906-2014 (Source:esri)

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #130 The Most Popular Languages Learned On Duolingo Per Country.

    Image credits: purin88

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