Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Indian Man Files Divorce Against Wife Because She Doesn’t Bathe Daily

    Photo: tookapic/Pixabay

    A Muslim man in Uttar Pradesh, India, is said to have tried to divorce his two-year-old wife because she does not wash regularly and fights with him every time he asks her to.

    Personal cleanliness is a vital element of a relationship, and it can sometimes become a serious enough issue to cause the relationship to dissolve. Consider the case of a Muslim man in India who divorced his wife after she refused to bathe every day. He said that he had constantly requested his wife to bathe more frequently, but that their discussions always ended in a verbal spat. Ultimately, he used the contentious “triple talaq” to end the marriage, despite the fact that the couple had a one-year-old child together.

    “During counselling, the guy stated emphatically that he wanted to end his relationship with the woman. He also asked us to assist him in getting a divorce from his wife because she does not bathe every day, according to a Women Protection Cell counsellor.

    The lady, who is from Uttar Pradesh’s Kwarsi village, went to Aligarh’s Women Protection Cell after learning of her husband’s choice, saying she wanted to stay married and asked for assistance in doing so.

    “A woman filed a written complaint with us alleging that her husband had awarded her triple talaq for failing to bathe every day. “We are providing therapy to the couple and their parents in order to save their marriage,” a Women Protection Cell spokesperson said. “We’re trying to persuade the man not to divorce his wife because it’s a little matter that can be resolved. We’re also trying to persuade him that their divorce may have an impact on their child’s upbringing.”

    The wife’s petition to the Women’s Protection Cell cannot proceed because the reason for the divorce application does not fall under any violent act or crime against women, but the organisation hopes that the pair will be able to resolve the situation with the help of counselling.


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